love story went wrong

Ariana is just a regular 17 year old but, shes dateing harry styles from one direction! When harry makes a mistake and she brakes up with him what will he do to get her back. will she forgive him? can she still be friends with the rest of the group? or will she have to leave her best friends?


3. harry

I dont know if i should start crying or if i should start curseing. i love niall but i dont think i can just talk to him without smacking him.

"can we talk in privete."

"sure." he grabs my hand and takes me to his room i glance back at niall. we sit down on his bed and i look at him

"whats up." he says looking into my eyes.

"how could you do this to me?" i say looking down

"do what?"

"dont act dumb with me harry."

"how did you find out?"

"it dosent matter the point is you freaking cheated on me why?"

"it was a mistake i swear i love you ari."

"no, going out with you was a mistake." i get up and start to leave.

"arianna! please let me explain."

"theres nothing to explain." i cross my arms and look at him.

"im sorry i swear i never wanted to hurt you." he gets up and grabs my hand.

i pull away "go to hell."  i walk out of the room almost in tears i run to the bathroom and slam the door. i hear a knock.

"ari are you ok?" niall says

"yea im fine." i say wipeing my tears.

"know your not let me come in."

i open the door and he comes in and hugs me. i hug him back. i hear harry come in.

"niall you sun of a bitch you told her!"

"i had to."

he grabs niall by his shirt and pushes him aganist the wall.

"HARRY!" i yell

harry starts puching niall and i run into the other room to get the other guys.

"harry's beating up niall!"

"what?" zayn says getting up. they both run to the bathroom.

"i dont get why there fighting over you." louis says sitting down.

"me and niall are friends harry just mad becouse niall told me harry cheated on me."

"get over it you slut like you havent? i still havent told harry about what happend between us a month ago."

"and when you do you will be like how niall is right now, that was a mistake and im sorry but it dosent matter because me and harry are over." what happend with me and louis was that harry was having some kind of concert and louis stayed home. i came over to wait till harry got back. Me and louis kissed but, it wasent even a real kiss and i know it was wrong but at least i dident... wait a minute i dont even know what he did with her.

i walk to the bathroom and see liam holding niall and zayn holding harry back. i walk in they all stare at me. i look at harry "what did you do with ashley."

he looks away "i sleep with her." i start crying not being able to hold back my tears. i look at niall his face is bleeding i start crying harder. i grab my bag and get out of the house as fast as i can.

"later slut." louis says

i slam the door and get into my car and go home i cant even think im crying so hard. why dose this have to be happpening to me? what did i do to deserve this?



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