love story went wrong

Ariana is just a regular 17 year old but, shes dateing harry styles from one direction! When harry makes a mistake and she brakes up with him what will he do to get her back. will she forgive him? can she still be friends with the rest of the group? or will she have to leave her best friends?


1. forever

i laugh as harry picks me up and spins me around on the beach.

"ill race you to the water." i say. we both run to the water. it was pretty much a tie. i laugh as he picks me up and kisses me. he makes me so happy ive never felt so loved before. i hope i stay with him forever. i really think hes the one. we get out of the water and lay out on the sand.

"i love you." he says looking at me with his big brown eyes.

"i love you to." i say running my fingers through his curls. he pulls me ontop of him as we kiss. i live right on the beach its great because me and harry love to go out there. but, i always feel like my parents are watching us. my phone rings and i pick it up.


"hey ari its naill we need to talk."

"ok im with harry right now wanna meet for lunch?"

"yeah ill pick you up and dont bring harry."

"um ok." i say confused. i hang up the phone.

"who was that?" harry asks.


"why are you meeting him for lunch?"

"i dont know he said we need to talk." i look at the time "ugh its almost 12 i gotta get ready wanna hang out later."

"yes." he kisses me on the check and we walk up to the house.

"see you later." he says giving me a hug.

"bye." i go inside and get ready when i here a car honk out side. i grab my bag and get out and get into his car. me and niall have been friends forever even before me and harry started going out. Hes the reason me and harry got together.

"hey niall." i say giveing him a hug

"oh hey ari." i love it how he calls me that

"is something wrong your acting strange."

"know we just need to talk."

"ok so, where are we going?" i ask

"wherever you want my treat."

"ok how about pizza."

"ok so how are you and harry?" he says driving off.

"great hes such a wonderfull guy."

"yea." we get to the pizza place and we get out and take a seat. after we get our pizza niall blurts out

"i need to tell you something."

"ok so tell me."

"its about harry."

"ok..." im kinda scared of what hes gonna say

"well he...

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