love story went wrong

Ariana is just a regular 17 year old but, shes dateing harry styles from one direction! When harry makes a mistake and she brakes up with him what will he do to get her back. will she forgive him? can she still be friends with the rest of the group? or will she have to leave her best friends?


2. cheating

"he... cheated on you."

"what?!" i open my eyes wide in shock

"im so sorry ari but i had to tell you."

my pizza falls out of my hand "i dont believe this, with who?"



"ash but, he loves you."

"i dont care anymore how could he do this."

"im sure he can explain youve got to talk to him."

"when did this happen?"

"this weekend."

"was he ever going to tell me?"

"i dont know ari just please let him explain."

i sat there how could he do this. how could my best friend ash do this. well obveously now shes not my best friend but still.

he puts his hand out for me to take "why dont we go back to my house."

"no! harry will be there."

"ari please i wasent even suppose to tell you, do this for me." he stares at me with his crystal blue eyes."

"fine for you."

i take his hand and we leave. i cant believe this after everything we never had one fight or one problem we both loved each other. or at least i thought we both loved each other. he takes me back to his house where they all live together and we go in. i see liam and zayn on the couch. Theres also one more thing that you should know. Me and louis hate each other just plain hate. i really liked louis as a friend but he liked me more than one and when he asked me out he dident take it so well so now he hates me ALOT!

"hey guy." i say trying not to cry. sitting on the couch across from them.

"whats wrong?" liam asks.

i look up at niall and he nods. "harry cheated on me."

"what?" zayn and liam both stare at me in shock.

"i know we where so happy but now i dont even know what to say."

"im so sorry." zayn says giving me a hug.

"why would he do that?" liam asks

"i dont know."

just as a tear runs down my face harry and louis walk in the door.

"hey ari whats wrong?" harry says

i stare at him i dont know if i want to talk to him or hit him...

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