How long is Forever?

A 17 year old girl lives with an over protective brother and a always drunken step-dad, she hates her family and her life but it all changed after a tragic thing happens which leads her to 5 new guys who care for her, some for than others and a new life that she can be proud of.


5. theres a first time for everything

“I thought you guys knew” I said shocked “no” “well I haven’t seen him since last night” “same” “do any of the other boys know” I said panicking “I dunno ill go check” he said racing off. I stood there biting my nails. Liam came back over “no one’s seen him since last night” “Oh god! What if some thing’s happened to him! What if he’s hurt!” “It’s ok, he’s probably fine. It’s Niall” “that’s what I’m afraid of” I murmured.

I went to go sit in my hotel room. I was looking out the window at the pouring rain when someone walked in. it was harry “you ok?” he asked I just looked back out the window with my arms crossed “Liam’s gone out looking for him” “what in this weather! He’ll catch a cold!” “Calm down you’re starting to sound like a mother” harry laughed “I feel like it sometimes” I whispered looking at the floor “well then I’d be a terrible one!” “No you would!” “I don’t know where my Niall is! Liam’s gone out in the pouring rain to look for him and I didn’t even know and I’m just sitting here in my room! I should be out there!” I yelled grabbing my coat and storming to the door “OH NO YOU DON’T!” harry yelled and grabbed my arm “WHAT! WHY!” “Because then you’ll get a cold and we might lose you too! We’ve just got to wait and see if Liam finds anything and if not then go to the police!” he said pulling me into a hug “your right” I said hugging him back.

As soon as harry left Liam came into my room “hey Liam did you find him??” “No, not a trace” I sat down on the bed with my head firmly in my hands hiding my tears. Liam came to sit next to me “has he done this before” I nodded my head. Be back in a minute, stay here. I’ll be just outside the door. I heard liam talking to zayn outside so I went to go listen in “Melony just said Niall’s done this before, you don’t think he’s cheating on her or something do you?” I heard Liam say “no…… he wouldn’t do that! Would he…?”

I burst in to tears at the thought of it, ran in to the bathroom and locked myself in. I looked in to the mirror and saw my mascara was running. No wonder Niall’s cheating on me. Just look at me, I’m hideous. Just then I looked down at my arms and had the though I have thought since I met Niall …. I grabbed the razor from the corner of bath, sat down on the rim and started …. Cutting again. This time deeper than last “MELONY?!?! WHERE ARE You?” I hear Liam yell from outside the bathroom door “melony are you in there?” he said closer this time. He must have heard me crying “MELONY COME OUT!!” that wasn’t Liam’s voice, it was “Niall is that you …?” “Yes, please come out!” I was just about to open the door until I remembered about my arm … SHIT! “Um… be out in a minute” I yelled throwing tissue around my bleeding arm “are you ok in there?” “I'm fine!” I put my long sleeved PJ’s on over the bloody tissues luckily for me it’s a black top and then opened the door slowly.

“NIALL!” I yelled jumping and rapping my arms around him “missed you too” he said laughing “where were you” Liam asked “out” he replied. Liam shot him a glare “well it looks like you should be leaving now Liam it is late and me and MELONY! Have to get in to our bed” Liam walked out the room without saying another word.

“niall…” I said puzzled “yes” “where were you?” I asked “I just said” “no you said you were out but out where and doing what?” I defended “god what's with all the questions all of a sudden! What am I not allowed a life now?” he shouted “no it’s not that it’s just..”


“NO! it just that I heard Liam sa-“ but before I could finish my sentence I passed out “MELONY!!” niall yelled “someone help!” all the boys ran in “call an ambulance” niall yelled at the guys, so Louis did while everyone else gathered round me. The ambulance got there and whisked me off to hospital.

I woke up the next morning with niall by my side asleep as if he had been there the whole night and by how many puts of coffee I saw on the table next to him I think he has. “Niall?” he woke up “melony? Your awake, thank god!” “what happened” I asked confused and unable to remember last night “you passed out jurying our argument from blood loss” he said with tears running down his face “oh really… how did that happen” I said hoping he didn’t know “Melony please just tell me why… why would you do such a thing to yourself” he said now with a fountain of tears running down his pail white cheeks. I said with my knees close to my chest “because I heard Liam outside my door when you were missing. He thought you were cheating on me and I…” “You thought I might be… Oh Melony” “I thought to myself that I understood why you would. Your Niall Horan you could get anyone you want and you’re stuck with me. A ugly, self-harming, broken wreck!” I said crying in to my blanket “Melony how could you think that! You’re the most beautiful, most amazing girl I have ever met and there isn’t anyone I’d rather be with. I'm not stuck with you. I love you! How many times do I have to say it before you’ll believe me?” “I do now” I said smiling, he smiled back. “well you better get some rest” I nodded and close my eyes. As niall stood up to leave the room he kissed me and left.

Niall pov

I can’t believe Liam would say that or think that about me! And especially put it in to her head.

I went out of her room to see Liam and the guys in the waiting room. I stormed over to Liam and he stood up. I punched him in the face “HOW COULD YOU!” I yelled as he fell “DO WHAT?” Liam yelled back “HOW COULD YOU STAND OUT SIDE OUR ROOM AND SAY THAT ABOUT ME HEN YOU KNEW SHE WAS IN THERE AND WORRIED AS HELL!” I said trying to go for him again but the guys stopped me. Liam didn’t say a word “calm down niall what are you on about?” Louis asked “HE! Stood outside our hotel room and said I was cheating on her and she heard him!” “DIDN’T SAY YOU WERE! I JUST THOUGHT YOU MIGHT!” I could get to him so I punched the wall at full power and I think I broke my hand. “Just tell me out of all the years we’re known each other have I ever cheated on anyone or even thought about it!” “No but...” “Then why did you say that” I said running to hit him again “what’s going on here?” I heard a voice come from behind me. It was melony “what you doing out of bed?” I asked “I heard yelling so I came to see what was going on!” everyone went silent “so... Anyone going to say anything! And whys Liam holding his face” till the room fell silent “do you know when they will let you out?” asked zayn “yeah I can leave now if I feel out to it” “oh that’s great!” niall yelled. We all left quietly and no one spoke the whole drive home which made it unbearably awkward.

I woke up the next morning around half 7. I rolled over to see niall WAS GONE! I started to panic. I jumped out of bed and in to the bathroom to see niall was just doing his teeth “hey there, you ok?” “Yeah I just thought you’d left again” I sighed “nope from now on I’m going to be here for my princess whenever she needs me” I smiled at the fact that he called me his princess. It was cute. I walked over to my bag and remembered that the boys had stolen my cloths and still haven't given them back. I walked in to the bathroom where Niall was. I looked around and walked over to the shower, grabbed the shower head, faced it at Niall and well you can probably guess what happened. “OI! What are you doing?” Niall laughed “this is for taking my cloths!” I yelled “oh so you want to play like that do you?!” he said grabbing his shaving cream and squirting it at me. “AAAHH!” I screamed laughing “put the shower head down” “NEVER!” He grabbed my hand which was holding the shower head and planted his lips on mine.

I dropped the shower head, in seconds I put my arms around his neck and put my legs around his waste. He put my back against the wall and he stopped kissing me to take his top off, then carried on kissing but more passionately. I caressed my fingers through his golden hair while he moved his soft warm hands up my sides to the point where he took my top off. “do you want to take this to the bed?” he asked with a grin “you have no idea!” I said. He carried me to the bed and slowly laid me down while kissing me. He quickly unbuckled his belt and off go the trousers. I pushed myself further up the bed and Niall joined me. By this time we were both naked. Niall was big not going to lie. He kissed up my neck and it hurt when he got it in but after a while it stopped hurting and he got faster and faster to the point where I reached my orgasm and Niall reached his.... Limit but we didn't stop there.

Liams pov

BANG! BANG! BANG! “what does she see in him” I said angrily but no one was around to hear me. I know I help them get together but now I’ve gotten to know her and spend time with her. I just wish I was the one who bumped in to her first I said to myself with my hands in tight fists and tears running down my face.

Melonys pov

After me and Niall had um.. calmed down we got up to get changed “um niall where are my cloths?” “i dunno, I guess you'll just have to stay like that!” he winked “great idea, yeah all the boys can see me naked” I said with a grin “in the top draws!” niall said quickly “thank you!” I winked.

5 minutes later we were dressed. Niall waked over to the door “you coming?” he asked “yeah ill be down in a minute I just have to do something” “ok hurry” he said walking out the room. I grabbed my phone from on the draws and called Louise

“hey louise!” “hey Melony how are you?” “I’m amazing and I have great news!” I said excitedly “REALLY? WHAT IS IT?” she shouted “i just gave niall my credit card AAHH!” I screamed “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” “OMG! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?” “JUST A FEW MINUTES AGO!” I explained “HOW WAS IT?” “ It was amazing. he's amazing and I couldn't picture my first time being any better.” I said softly“does he know it was ur first time?” she whispered “No”

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