How long is Forever?

A 17 year old girl lives with an over protective brother and a always drunken step-dad, she hates her family and her life but it all changed after a tragic thing happens which leads her to 5 new guys who care for her, some for than others and a new life that she can be proud of.


6. the defining moment

i admit it might have been weird to tell my friend straight after it happened but i havent talked to her in ages. ive been so busy and stressed that i havent really had anything to tell her, but shes my best friend and i told her not to tell anyone which she swore on our friendship she would. i just had to tell someone and it wasnt going to be any of the guys, especially not liam! i dont know how he would react if he found out and i dont want to. SHIT! WHAT IF NIALL TELLS THEM! i hope liam doesnt do or say anything stupid!

anyway after i told jade the whole story, she wanted to come and stay over because we both agreed it had been so long since we have done that. well that was the plan. until i got a call... it was about my brother.... they said they needed to talk to me straight away. so i got my phone and ran to the elevator. niall was in there and wanted to know where i was going. i told him and he insisted coming with me.

i got to the hospital as fast as i could but i had to calm niall down first because i think my driving put him in a state of shock. woops! anyway my brothers doctor wanted to see me in his office but niall couldnt come with me so he waited outside. i sat down in the seat across from him and he started talking about my brothers state.

"melony, your brother has been here for quite a while now and he doesnt seem to be responding to any of the treatments we have given him. so at this late stage we have to ask our patients family to make a very important decision for them"

"and what is that?"

"um.. how should i put this...."

i dont really remember the exact words he said because there were to may technical terms but he basically said..

"hey! hey! melony whats wrong?"

"niall not now!"

"melony slow down! what did he say"

i broke down and just cried. niall wrapped me in his arms tightly but it made no difference.

"they want me to pull the plug on my brother" i said cry waterfalls

"WHAT!?" niall said so angrily i though he was going to go punch the doctor, which i wouldnt of objected to

after about 10 minutes on the floor niall suggested going home to calm down but i said i was going to stay for a while with my brother but i said he should go back to the hotel and to have fun with the guys. he didnt want to but i made him go anyway. i also told him not to tell the guys anything yet, at least not until im there.

i sat at my brother side holding his lifeless hand in mine and crying but then i remembered that even though hes in a coma they say he can still hear me so i started talking. hoping and praying i could hear is voice on last time.

*sniff* "hey toby, i know you can hear me and i wish i could hear you too. i cant even explain how sorry i am for putting you here and it physically hurts me know its al my fault that y.. you might not get that life that you told me about. remember! the story you told me a year after mum died. you said that one day when you find the right girl, you would spend all you time trying to find ways to make her smile and laugh. you would take her anywhere she wanted to go and when the time was right you would marry her and have kids *sniff* b.. but only if she like me and you said when i find that guy you would have to have a serious talk with him and i could only be with him if... *sniff* if you approved. well toby wake up, its time for you to have that talk because i think I've found him and his names niall! you would love him hes smart, funny, loves football but not as much as me according to him and he's Irish. i know how much you like the Irish! and i want to see you have what i have with niall. please! *sniff* please... toby wake up... WAKE UP! i miss you so much and they want me to pull the plug on you which i could never do. your my brother! my over protective, bossy and crazy brother who i would change for the world! but i would trade it if it meant getting you back, i'm so! so.... sorry!"

i cried and cried saying that to him and cried until i got a call. it was niall

*sniff* "h... hey niall"

"hey its not niall its louis"

"louis why are you on nialls phone?"

" becausw mines ran out of credit anyway have you seen liam?"

"no why?"

"well he was with us earlier but he went out to take a call and never caame back"

"WHAT! who called him? where'd he go?"

"we dont know, we think hes ran off"

great! JUST FUCKING GREAT! first my brother and now liam this day couldn' get any worse and i know louis doesnt know about my situation right now but his tiiming couldnt ne any worse!

"ok im ony my way"



"are you ok?"

"yeah im fine lou, see you soon"

i turned to my brother and rested my head on our hands. then i got up and headed outside to see that niall didnt take the car! he must of taken the bus and left the car for me. so i got in the car and started heading to the hotel. it was night so there wasn't may cars on the road and it was pouring with rain, but on my way to the hotel i saw on one on the bridge... it was liam! he was just looking over the edge.

i stopped the car dead in the centre of the road and got out the car to walk over to him.

"liam what are you doing. its raining, the guys are worried sick and your going to catch a cold! why did you run off like that?"

"why! why! you know bloody hell why!" he yelled crying.

"no liam i really dont"

"i got a call from your friend telling me that you and niall slept together and she told me that you were in the hospital so i came to see you. and to my surprise you were talking to your brother about the exact same thing! how you though he was the perfect guy for you and all the crap!"

"liam.. i don't know what to say"

"I THOU.. I THOUGHT I HAD A CHANCE AT GETTING YOU! GETTING THE ONE GIRL I KNEW WAS PERFECT FOR ME AND THAT I KNEW I HAD FALLEN IN LOVE WITH! but then when i heard all that my heart just shattered and.. and i cant take it anymore. i cant take the fact that i cant kiss you every time i see you, i cant take the fact that i cant be with you day and night for the rest of my life and i cant take the fact that your not mine because it hurt. IT HURTS SO MUCH! and you don't see to care!"

"DONT SEEM TO CARE! DONT SEEM TO CARE! LIAM I DROVE ALL THE WAY HERE FROM MY BROTHERS BEDSIDE LEAVING HIM AS SOON AS I KNEW YOU HAD RAN OFF JUST TO FIND YOU! I LEFT MY BROTHER! WHO THEY WANT ME TO PULL THE PLUG ON! liam you are my friend and i do love you but not in the same way. I know that's not what you wanted to hear but isn't that better than nothing doesn't our friendship mean anything to you! yes i do think Niall's the one for me and i KNOW i'm not the one for you, you just want to find her so badly that you've juts given up searching and settled with me"

"not that's not it! i know you are her"

"no liam i'm not, please liam just come back to the hotel"

liam started walking to the edge of the bridge "liam.... liam what are you doing..?"

he started climbing the bars "liam no! get down from there"


i didnt know what to say! i knew what he wanted me to say but i would be lying and he knows i would be!


he put on foot off the edge and dropped....... but just as he did that i grabbed his arm just in time "melony let go"




i could hold on much longer and i was slipping over a little too. "Liam please I'm slipping over the edge"

"then.. let.. me.. go"

"Liam I will fall over this edge before I'd let you die! please Liam just get back up here"

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