How long is Forever?

A 17 year old girl lives with an over protective brother and a always drunken step-dad, she hates her family and her life but it all changed after a tragic thing happens which leads her to 5 new guys who care for her, some for than others and a new life that she can be proud of.


1. The beginning of the end

Melonys POV

It’s 3 o'clock and only 15 minutes till the end of school and the start of the summer holidays. FINALLY!! but this math’s lesson just seems to drag, I think it’s because my cat obsessed math teacher has one of those voices that makes you want to bash your head on a wall, he even told us that even though his cat has busted his arm he still loves it more than his real family. Crazy right! Or it could be that jade, my best friend has left me in school for the hold day BY MYSELF because she "feels sick" lucky girl but even if I got the chance to stay home I would rather go to school.

The bell finally rang and everyone was rushing out the doors as if the school was burning down. When I made it through the mob of people at the front doors I started walking home, but then I just thought.... what’s the rush, id only be going home to a drunken step-dad and an over protective brother asking me where I’ve been, who I’ve been with, what have I been doing and so on.... so I decided to text jade to see if she "feels" good enough to come out.

To jade: heeya! Feeling good enough to come out??

From jade: haha ;) yea but didn’t your brother tell you to be home straight after school? Xx

To jade: yea so what! It’s not like he’s the boss of me, it’s my life!!

From jade: ok! Keep your thong on XD were do ya wanna meet? Xx

To jade: as far away from my house as possible so.... how about outside the co-op??

From jade: as always and sure! See you there in 10

To jade: ok! :)

I guess it’s lucky that I came prepared for this. When I arrived at the co-op I dragged jade inside to the toilets so that I could change in to the cloths I stashed in to my bag this morning just in case. We walked out of the shop 5 minutes later 'So it’s the summer holidays now, have any plans?' asked jade "well I’m staying at yours tonight so there’s that!" I replied laughing a little 'oh really!' she said laughing back. We sat under the bridge near jade’s house with a beer that she had nicked from the shop earlier, she’s so good at that, I don’t even see her do it and I was standing right next to her.

'so how’s your arm?' asked jade 'a little soar but not bad' I said rubbing my arm 'why do you do that if it hurts so much?' she said looking at me with a worried expression on her face 'if you had a family like mine or spent a day in my shoes you'd understand, anyway why do you smoke?' 'My life ant such a joy ride either remember!' I just nodded but I still don’t get it, her family is rich as hell and buy her anything she asks for, but her parents give her grief and push her to do her best in everything she does and if she doesn’t she gets stuck with all the chores to do in a huge mansion and grounded, so I guess I understand a little of why she wants to get out of there as soon as she can. sometimes her parents sign her up for things she doesn’t know how to do or want to do, but it’s still better than my family which consists of me, my brother and a discussing douche bag step-dad who’s always drunk and doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself! my mum died a few years ago which is why my brothers so protective of me because I’m the only real family he’s got left but it still doesn’t give him the authority to control my life.

Me and jade finished the beer under the bridge and decided to go for a walk around town. My phone vibrated in my trouser pocket, it was my brother

From Toby: where are you? I told you to come straight home!!

To Toby: I’m out with jade cuz it’s my life and I decide when I come home or no, thank you very much!! And btw I’m staying at hers tonight so don’t wait up ;)

I turned my phone off straight after because I know he will go crazy; we walked round for about 20 minutes when we reached Starbucks and so we headed inside. Jade went to get a table while I go and get our drinks, the line wasn’t long so I got them guest fast. I started walking over to the table where jade was sitting when someone knocked in to me 'oh I’m so sorry are you ok?' someone said in a sexy Irish accent 'yeah I’m ok, just a little coffee on me is all' I said laughing at myself, I looked up to see a cute blond haired, blue eyed guy standing in front of me 'let me get you some more drinks!' 'Niall, Come on we need to go!' another guy yell heading towards us, he had light brown hair and brown eyes 'no its ok I’ll get them! Anyway it seems you’re in a rush to get somewhere' I said smiling at the guy that I think is called Niall.

'You sure you’re ok um... What’s your name?' he asked smiling back at me 'oh I’m melony' I replied 'hello melony, I’m Niall and this is my friend Liam' he said while his friend waved at me 'hi' I said waving back 'Niall, Liam? Wait I’ve heard those names before, you’re from that band On-' 'One direction yeah, why are you a fan?' Liam asked sounding full of himself 'well I wouldn’t go as far as calling me a fan, I’ve just heard about you cuz you are... all over the TV, the magazines, the newspapers-' 'yeah I guess we are talked about a lo-' 'and don’t forget the internet, BBM, Facebook an-' 'ok I get it' Liam said laughing 'so you’re not a fan' said Niall with a little smile on his face 'no not really but my friend over there is' I said pointing to jade who was texting, which explains why she hasn’t noticed who I’m talking to or how long I’m taking.  'Anyway I better go get those brinks but it was nice meeting you' I said heading to the counter 'nice meeting you to' said Liam and Niall.

Liam’s pov

Niall and I walked out of Starbucks with the boys drinks but Niall seemed to be in a whole different world 'you like that girl don’t you?' I asked Niall snapping him out of his daydream 'umm... she seemed nice' Niall said blushing 'then why didn’t you get her number?' I asked nudging him 'I couldn’t! Not after I knocked coffee all over her' he said looking at his feet 'I’ll do it for you!' I said passing Niall the drinks 'no Liam don’t!' yelled Niall but it was too late I had already go back inside. She’s heading to her table 'hey melony' I said running up to her 'yeah is everything ok?' she asked confused 'yeah! It’s just Niall likes you but didn’t want to ask you for your number after accidentally knocking coffee on you, so I said I’d ask for him! So..... Can he have your number' I asked frantically 'no' said melony looking down at her feet, my jaw dropped. I got to admit I was a little shocked that she said no I thought her and Niall really hit it off 'but why?' I said confused 'it’s hard to explain, Niall’s a really nice guy and everything but I’m just not good for him' she said looking angry with herself 'what do you mean not good for him' 'I’m sorry' she said again while rushing off to her seat.

I walked out of Starbucks thinking about what to say to Niall but when I got out I saw Niall had gone, he must have gone back to the tour bust. I headed out to the tour bus and saw the boys talking to Niall; he looked really happy 'so what did she say' asked Niall looking eager for Liam’s reply 'uuhh....' 'Oh she said no didn’t she' said Niall looking as if he was about to cry 'NO! What you talking about, I got you something better than a number' I said in a panic 'REALLY! Like what' asked Niall 'yeah like what?' asked Harry 'a date!' why did I just say that 'really! When?' asked Niall looking as if he was about to jump through the roof 'tomorrow' seriously what is wrong with me, shut up! 'Oh, my god! Thank you so much Liam, I owe you one!' Niall said hugging me 'no you really don’t' I said while he headed to his room and I did the same.

Why did I just say that, I haven’t got him a date, I haven’t even got him her number, and what am I going to do. Just as I put my hands in face I noticed melony walk out and saying bye to her friend. This is pure luck! I ran out the bus and after her, she had got too far 'melony!' I yelled


Melony’s pov

I turned round to see that guy Liam running towards me, what does he want now. He grabbed my arm and stopped me 'what now?' I asked 'melony please give Niall your number!' he said panting 'I already told you no!' I said rolling my eyes 'I know but when I went to tell Niall he looked as if he was going to cry, so I told him I got him a date with you!' he said still out of breath 'well that’s your problem not mine!' I said walking away 'melony please!' he said following me 'no!' I said again

20 minutes later

'Stop following me!!' I said turning round to see Liam still following me 'NO! Not till you give me your number and agree to go on a date with Niall!' he said sternly 'I already told you no! How many times do I have to say it for it to sink in to your overly stuck up head!' I said feeling as if I was about to punch him. 'I don’t care how much you say no cuz I’m not going to leave you till you say yes' 'well you’re going to be walking a long way for no reason because I’m not going to say yes' I said walking faster 'come on its just one date!' he said grabbing my arm and pulling me close 'I said no and I mean no!' 'Why?!' he said looking me in the eyes wanting an answer, I didn’t know what to say; I felt nervous and out of breath and everything was so tense. We looked in to each other’s eyes angrily for a few seconds and then suddenly.... we just kissed! I didn’t know what was going through my mind; this guy was annoying me, following me and begging me to give his FRIEND my number.

The kiss lasted about 10 seconds but stopped because we realize what we were doing, I stepped away and turned around, Liam did the same 'umm... I better go!' I said walking off 'what about Niall!' he yelled 'Fine, One date!' I said trying to forget what just happened 'where' he replied 'tell him to meet me at Starbucks at 12' I said quickly ‘what about your number?’ he yelled suggestively. I ran to him, grabbed his hand and a pen out my bag and wrote my number down ‘there you happy’ I said smiling 'yep!' he replied turning and walking away.

I got home a few minutes later and when I walked through the door I was greeted by my drunken douche bag of a step dad 'where have you been' he asked slurring his words 'out' I replied 'you were supposed to be home hours ago!' he said angrily 'so! What’s it to you!' I said rolling my eyes and then he slapped me 'don’t speak to me like that GIRL! Remember who the man of the house is!' he said holding his head up high 'let me know when you see him!' I said with a grin, he slapped me again but harder than last time 'what did I say! Now go get me more beer we've ran out’ ‘go get it yourself you fucking prick!’ I said giving him at him evilly. Just then I saw his fist clench and the next thing I knew I was on the floor with the side of my face throbbing and him kicking me over and over in the stomach, at that point my brother came down ‘STOP THAT!!’ he yelled to my step-dad while pushing him out of the way, ‘she needs to know her place, do you need to learn yours?’ he said looking at my brother happily, my brother didn’t answer him ‘so step away’ he yelled but my brother didn’t listen ‘melony, are you ok?’ he whispered, I just nodded ‘come on, stand up’ he said while holding my hand and helping me up. My brother turned round to face our step-dad while hiding me behind him ‘melony, go up stairs’ he said still looking at our step-dad with a deadly glair ‘what, NO!’ I said with a shaky voice ‘JUST DO IT!!’ he yelled pushing me towards the stair case. I stood there for a moment, then ran up the stairs but as I got to the top I heard yelling and things smashing, I was too scared to go back down to see what was going on, I started to cry and ran to my room. I tried to block out the noises but it wouldn’t work, they were too loud and they went on for hours. When the noises stopped I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, my door opened and in walked my step-dad ‘you made me do this’ he said quietly and then walked towards me, I screamed. 

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