How long is Forever?

A 17 year old girl lives with an over protective brother and a always drunken step-dad, she hates her family and her life but it all changed after a tragic thing happens which leads her to 5 new guys who care for her, some for than others and a new life that she can be proud of.


8. Secrets, Lies and tear filled eyes Prt. 2

Melonys POV

"Hello this is your pilot speaking, it is around 9 o'clock and the weather is sun sky's, can everyone put on their seat belts on we are preparing to land, thank you"

Finally! I can't wait to get off this plane! I waited anxiously for the fasten your seatbelt sign to go off, when it did I jumped up from my seat I grabbed my bag and flung it over my shoulder.

I waited in line slowly walking towards the aircraft doors where the sunlight and warm air was whistling In. When I got out I began to walk towards the airport and I reaches In To my bag to get my phone.

I turned it on and saw that I had 5 text messages and 5 phone calls but non were from Niall, they were from All the others.

Louis said "hey melony thanks for saying goodbye before u got up and left NOT! :'( "

Harry "how come I didn't get a huge goodbye I'm wounded, :'( wounded I tell u!"

Zayn "goodbye ill miss you too melony oh wait I didn't get a goodbye! ;) "

Liam " hey how come you've left? And without saying goodbye, do we mean that little to you "

Why does Liam have to over dramatise everything! He couldn't of just been funny and said something sarcastic like the rest of the guys!

You are probably thinking I felt because of what happened with Liam, well that's not the case! Not everything is about him!

Sorry a bit tired :)

I messaged this to all the guys apart from Liam

"Heeya guys sorry I didn't say goodbye I couldn't of handled say goodbye to such amazing friends and anyway I'll be back before you know it, you can't get rid of me that ;) easily xxxxxx"

To Liam I said "I want to see you friend and visit my brother In hospital again plus I want o be alone right now ok! There's no need to over dramatise everything Liam Ffs! I've got to go bye"

I know it sounds harsh but he's just getting on my nerves at the moment with all this drama he's like a girl! Not trying to be sexist there :)

I got my suitcase and got a taxi to my apartment where jade was waiting for me, can't wait to see her again it's been to long!

Minutes later I reached my new pad ;) and saw jade standing there

"JADE!" I screamed

"Melony!" She screamed back

We ran at each other and had a big hug, I missed talking to another girl! You just can't talk the same to the guys as you can to your girl mates. I unlocked my apartment, we walked In and sat straight on the sofa to "gossip" we had so much to catch up on!

I told her EVERYTHING! about Liam, about Niall sneaking off, everything! She was shocked and even she said Liam was being a drama queen and selfish!

"We should have a girls night tonight, got for a girls day out Tomoz and then girls night OUT tomorrow night! What do you say" she winked

"I dunno" I said sarcastically

"I'll go get my stuff" she said racing out the door I just say there laughing for a moment until I noticed the time. It was nearly time to go see my brother in hospital *sigh* that day still haunts me!

I got up and headed out, not before calling Niall and it going straight to voicemail. He must be in the studio or something, I wonder what he's up too?

Nails POV

"Oh Niall here again, I thought your girlfriend was keeping an eye on you?"

"Shes gone home for a while so come on get them out!" I winked

"Oh Niall so forceful" she giggled

"Well I'm in a bit of a hurry and I need pick one or the other soon, I can't just keep sneaking off here forever"

Melonys POV

I was on my way to hospital and this car behind me kept beeping at me for no reason and I couldn't see who it was as the wind screen was to dark, so I just ignored it.

I parked in front of the hospital and so did that guy in the black car so I waited to see who would come out but no one did so I just walked to the hospital.

When I did I heard a car door close but I couldn't be bothered with him anymore so I just kept walking. I reached the squeaky clean glass doors of the hospital and I looked In them to see who was behind me

*gasp* I dropped my bag

I turned around and no one was there "no... No it couldn't of been! I must of just been seeing things"

I shook it off and walked to the receptionist "Hi I'm here to see about y brother Toby he's in coma"

"Oh ok wait over there and the doctor will be right with you ma'am"

So I did.

"Hello melony"

"Hello doctor"

"Let's go into my office"

"Um ok" I said confused

"Do you want a drink?"

"No thanks, So what's this about, I'm not making the decision of pulling the plug on him!!"


"Umm melony you might not have too" he said softly

"What do you mean?"

"Well your brother... Um.... He.."

"Just spit it out!"

"He doesn't seem to be responding to any treatment, we've had moments where we've had to run to him as he seems to suffocate In the night and he seems to be getting worse each day"

"So what are you saying"

"We expect he has only a few days left"

My jaw dropped and eyes widened, I was frozen I horror! I was shocked, heart broken and much more

"I'm sorry" the doctor said placing his hand on my shoulder

"I'll leave you alone for a few minutes" and walked out the room closing the door behind him

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