How long is Forever?

A 17 year old girl lives with an over protective brother and a always drunken step-dad, she hates her family and her life but it all changed after a tragic thing happens which leads her to 5 new guys who care for her, some for than others and a new life that she can be proud of.


7. secrets, lies and tear filled eyes Prt. 1

"hey melony!" a voice yelled behind me

i turned my head slightly to see.. it was louis across the street

"louis please hurry!" i screamed as i felt liams hand slipping more and more

"whats going on?" he yelled back trying to cross the busy road

"just hurry!" i screamed

i got more and more anxious and worried when i saw how hard it looked for louis to cross the street. their are way to amy cars and the next crossing is to far away he wouldnt make it in time.

my eyes were filling with tears at the thought louis might not get here in time

"melony, melony!" liam said calmly

i looked at him eyes welling up

"its ok, just let go."

"NO!! how many times do i have to say it before it sinkes in to your over grown, empty head!"

"no ones going to miss me and what have i got anyway! a few years left of a singing career and a broken heart"

"I'll MISS YOU!" i screamed "and the boys, your family! and all your adoring fans will too! liam please im begging you GET! UP! or ill just have to fall with you"

"hey whats going on?" louis asked out of breath

"help me get him up!" i said shaking and louis did just that. he grabbed lima by the scruff of his collar and liam even help get up.

louis tried to catch his breath. when liam stood up properly i went over to him and...

*SLAP!* but then i hugged him so tight and he hugged back

i just didnt want to let him go! and from now on im going to be keeping an eye on him.

"how the hell did this happen!" louis yelled

me and liam just looked at each other


"i found liam here and we started talking and liam looked over the edge of the bridge when this guy bumped in to him and he slipped over the edge" i interrupted 

i couldnt tell if he believed me or not but he didnt ask anymore questions as we walked back to the hotel so i took it as a yes.


when we reached the hotel the boys rushed to liams side and there was hugs all round it was a very funny but sweet moment. i just headed up to the room, i didnt feel in the funny or hugging mood right now.

Nialls pov:

"thank god your ok liam! where did u go?" i asked

"its complicated but im sure melony will tell you" liam stated

i looked round to see that melony was getting in the lift and she didnt look very happy. i got ran up the stairs hoping to reach the elevator doors before they open but ive noticed not everything goes to plan lately. so i hurried to the room to see melony sitting on the bed looking out the window crying.

"melony whats wrong?"

"oh nothing, just a tough day thats all"

"melony, i know your lying. come on what wrong?"

"well todays just made me think about everything thats happened these few weeks and....."

"and what?"

"and i think i need to go home for a while!"


"just for a little while! you guys are starting your recording soon so i dont want to distract you and i havent see jade in a while. i think it'll be a good for both of us to spend sometime apart"

"but what about your step-dad and i want to be with you all the time so that i know your safe and i cant do that if your there"

"ill be just fine niall i promise!"

i couldnt believe what i was hearing. whats happened thats made her want to leave for a while and how am i suppose to know if shes safe.

"i leave tomorrow morning" she said getting up. i followed her in to the bathroom, grabbed her waist and spun her around so that her lips were inches from mine.

"then i guess we should make ever moment count till then" i winked

i shut the door and then i crashed my lips on hers.

melonys pov:

niall pushed me against the door as we kissed, he moved his lips slowly to my neck and kissing me behind my ears because he knows it makes my legs melt.

he moved his hands from my waist down slowly to my thighs lifting me up on to him and pushing me harder against the door still kissing my neck. he cracked his lips on mine once more then he moved his hands back up to the top of my t-shirt and ripped it off me violently.

i lifted his shirt off and minutes later the pants came off too. As niall banged me harder and harder against the door i bit my lip to stop myself from saying a word while gripping the back of his hair. eventually i couldnt control my mouth anymore so i just let it out and i no time at all we moved it in to the shower and the bed before falling asleep knackered in his arms.

nialls POV:

i woke up in my king sized bed and looked over at the clock. it was 2:05AM. i looked down to see melony fast asleep on my chest. i wrapped my arms her, kissed her on her head and went straight back to sleep knowing she was safe in my arms for now.

i woke up again and looked over to the clock, it was 6:00AM. i looked down hoping to see melony fast asleep but instead a see an empty bed side and a note on the dresser.


heeya i saw you were still asleep so i didnt want to wake you.

my flights at 6 so ill call you when i land back at home so that you know im safe

and ill keep my phone on me at all times so that you can call me if you are worried ok?

im going to rent an apartment for a while and ill see you soon

dont miss me to much

love melony <3

P.S. you must of been slacking before because now my expectations are very high in the bedroom area thanks to last night ;)

i laughed and smiled so much thanks to that letter. she has always been able to turn my frown upside down.

At breakfast i had to explain everything to the guys and they looked jus about as upset as i did when she told me except they were more upset that she did say goodbye more than anything. But liam looked crushed and left the table shortly after telling everyone. i wonder what's going on with him, hes been acting really weird the past few weeks. maybe i should talk to him or something. nah Liam know to come to me if he has any problems.

i noticed all the guys went straight on their phones, probably texting melony to see if she's ok. maybe i should too or does that make me to clingy or annoying? god its hard being apart from her even for a few hours.

well I guess now I don't need to worry about melony getting upset or angry over me sneak out anymore as shes not here so i dont need to sneak around i can just go. it will make it a lot easier to get it now.

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