How long is Forever?

A 17 year old girl lives with an over protective brother and a always drunken step-dad, she hates her family and her life but it all changed after a tragic thing happens which leads her to 5 new guys who care for her, some for than others and a new life that she can be proud of.


2. My new Family

The next day I woke up on the floor trying to remember what happened, then I remembered and I ran to my brother’s room. He wasn’t there. I ran downs stairs to see him lying on the floor with his eyes closed. I rushed over to his side ‘TOBY! TOBY, WAKE UP!’ I screamed while crying and shocking him, but he didn’t. I quickly grabbed the phone and called for an ambulance, the arrived to see me sitting by my brother, they put me and him in the ambulance and I wouldn’t let go of his hand ‘what happened?’ the lady in the ambulance asked ‘my… step-dad… h-he beat me and my brother’ I said crying in to my brothers lifeless hand ‘where is he know?’ he asked he in a calm voice but looking angry ‘I-I don’t know, he’s not in the house anymore’ I said with my lips quivering.

We arrived at the hospital several minutes later, the helped me and my brother out ‘ok, they need to take your brother that way and you need to come with me this way’ said the ambulance lady pointing the opposite direction to where they want to take my brother ‘so you need to let go of his hand’ he said getting hold of our hands, I shook my head and held hold of his hand tighter ‘come on, we need you to let go’ she said again while tarring our hands apart ‘NO! NO I CANT LEAVE HIM!!’ I screamed with floods of tears running down my face, I tried to run after them but a man who worked at the hospital picked me up and took me the other way. They cleaned the blood of my face, stitched up the cuts, told me I had a Brocken nose and then did whatever with that. Another doctor came through the door ‘melony, this is the doctor who’s helping your brother’ said the friendly nurse ‘how is he??? Is he ok??’ I asked frantically hoping for a good answer ‘I’m afraid not, your brother is in a coma after having severe head trauma, Brocken ribs, collarbone, cheek bone and many cuts and bruises for being hit so many times’ the doctor said looking deeply in to his clip board, just then tears rushed to my eyes and down my cheeks ‘when will he wake up?’ I asked ‘I’m sorry, but we don’t know, it could be hours, weeks maybe even months before he does, if he does’ he said trying not to make eye contact with me ‘I’m sorry’ he said again leaving the room and so did the nurse, leaving me alone.

I was sat by my brothers side quietly when the door swung open and jade ran in, she stood there for a moment shocked to see what I now looked like and my brother in a hospital bed, hooked up to a bunch of machines. Jade walked slowly to me and then kneeled down in front of me ‘I heard what happened’ jade said looking as if she was going to cry ‘how?’ I asked confused ‘your all over the news’ she said holding my other hand, I just put my hands over my face and started to cry but then I got a text, it was from Niall

From Niall: where are you?? J Xx

I don’t think he’s seen the news yet

To Niall: with my brother, where are you?? 

From Niall: waiting for you at Starbucks. Are you still coming?? Xx

I stared at my phone for a few seconds

To Niall: yeah I’ll be there in a minute

Then I asked jade if she would sit with my brother until I got back and text me if anything changes ‘yeah sure, but where are you going?’ she asked as I ran out the door. When I got to Starbucks I was wearing a blue hoodie to hide my face and tight black jeans ‘hey’ said Niall nervously ‘hey’ I said back looking at the floor so he could see my face ‘are you ok?’ he asked looking confused ‘yeah I’m fine’ I said anxiously ‘then why are you looking at the floor and covering your face?’ he asked looking puzzled ‘umm… I’m not!’ I said nervously ‘well can you at least look at me with your hood down?’ he asked nicely ‘I can’t!’ I said hoping he’d just leave it ‘why not?’ he asked ‘I got to go!!’ I said quickly turning away, but before I could walk away Niall grabbed my arm, spun me round and pushed my hood down ‘what happened to you?’ asked Niall ‘Nothing! It’s not important!’ I said looking away almost in tears ‘yes it does! Who did this to you’ Niall pleaded ‘Niall please! Just leave it alone, you’ll get hurt if you get involved! This is why I told Liam that I’m not good for you, FOR ANYONE! I said frantically trying to get away ‘I’m already involved, NOW TELL ME!’ he demanded, he kept asking over and over for me to tell him and I just blew up ‘MY STEP-DAD OK! NOW LET ME GO, I NEED TO GET TO MY BROTH-‘Niall cut me off pulling me in to a hug, I just cried in his arms ‘it’s ok, your safe now’ he said quietly while resting his head on mine. ‘Hey Niall’ Liam yelled from inside Starbucks ‘Liam come here!’ Niall yelled waving him over ‘No… no… no! what is he doing here’ I said stepping away from Niall and quickly putting my hood back up ‘just getting the boys their drinks’ he said still waving to Liam ‘What?’ asked Liam, who was now next to Niall.

Niall looked at me ‘melony, it’s ok’ He said holding out his hand, I took his hand and he pulled me in front of harry ‘harry look at this, melony show Liam’ I looked at the floor as I put my hood back down and started to cry AGAIN! Niall lifted my chin up and then I saw Liam’s reaction which made me cry more and put my hood over my face. My heart brock a little as Niall told Liam who did this to me. ‘Melony, where is your brother?’ asked Liam, a tear rolled down my cheek ‘he’s in the hospital in a coma’ I said shacking ‘wait what! What happened to him’ Niall said with a panicky tone in his voice ‘my brother stood in my step dads way so that he couldn’t hurt me, then he sent me to my room and he stayed down stairs with him so that he couldn’t follow me’ I said crying in to my hands, Niall just hugged me again ‘come on, we’ll drive you to the hospital’ Niall said beginning to walk to the doors, Liam just nodded and followed us.

As I was in the car I thought I had ran out of tears, until I thought about my brother in that hospital bed, I couldn’t stop crying, because of me my brother was in hospital, in a coma, with head trauma, Brocken ribs and collarbone, cuts, bruises and worst of all my step-dads still somewhere out there doing/ planning who knows what!

Nialls pov

I can’t believe what’s happened to her, what type of man could hurt such a beautiful and kind girl, but at least she’s safe now because as long as she’s with me I’ll protect her.

 When we got to the hospital, melony ran inside and straight to her brother’s room. Me and harry walked in seconds after to see a horrific sight, her brother took one hell of a battering for her, and just thinking that if he wasn’t there to protect her, then it could have been her in this hospital bed.

We were there for hours, melony hadn’t moved from her brothers side since we got here but there still doesn’t seem to be any change ‘melony, you need to go home and rest’ said her friend ‘home, what home! If I go back there I wouldn’t be able to blink let alone sleep, I’d be too scared that he would come back to finish what he started’ melony said looking frightened ‘you can stay with us!’ said Liam,

Melony and jade both looked at us ‘what?’ asked melony looking confused ‘yeah, melony you can stay with us’ I repeated ‘are you sure?’ she asked looking shyly at me and Liam ‘definitely!’ me and Liam said at the same time 



Liam’s pov

Melony was still refusing to move from her brother’s side but she keeps almost falling asleep, she’s so tired and scared. ‘Come on melony, you need your rest’ said jade ‘jades right’ said Niall ‘I can’t go, he needs me’ she said ‘but you need your sleep’ I said firmly butting in, melony looked up at me for a moment, I felt as if my face was burning up at that point, then she looked at jade ‘how are you getting home?’ melony asked jade ‘I’ll walk’ she said smiling ‘no! I can’t let you walk all the way home at this time’ she said ‘its ok, I’ll take her home’ Niall suggested ‘ok there that’s sorted’ said jade ‘Liam can you walk with melony to the hotel?’ asked Niall ‘what me! Umm… sure’ I said scratching the back of my head nervously. Niall slowly walked over to melony, took her hand and helped her up from the chair ‘I’ll take jade home and I’ll meet you and Liam on the hotel ok?’ Niall said looking deep in to her eyes and kissed her on the cheek.

Jade and Niall walked out of the room to take her home which left me and melony, ‘um… so I guess we better get going’ I said she just nodded and started to walk. We walked out the hospital without saying a word; it was so awkward, well… for me it was, I don’t really know about her. ‘Liam?’ she said quietly while looking at her feet ‘yeah?’ I said doing the same ‘thank you!’ she said ‘for what?’ I said puzzled ‘for saying I can stay with you guys’ she said smiling ‘oh, no problem’ he mumbled blushing a little; we started walking over a grass hill as a short cut until I tripped ‘Wow!’ I said falling on to my face, I looked up to see melony giggling ‘so you think that’s funny’ I said laughing a little ‘maybe…’ she said still giggling ‘do you need a hand?’ she asked holding out her hand ‘sure’ I said grabbing hold of it ‘AAAH!’ she screamed as I pulled her down, we was still laughing for a while and she was sat on my lap ‘come on, were not far from the hotel now’ I said grabbing hold of her hand again and helping her up ‘ok’ she said with a great big smile on her face.

We finally reached the hotel and when we got inside melony was greeted by 3 crazy guys who have been waiting to meet her. ‘Hey, melony is it? I’m Louis’ ‘I’m zayn’ ‘and I’m harry’  ‘hi and ye I’m melony’ they all crowded round her and she was smiling, I think it’s because the guys are acting as if they can’t see what was happened to her and haven’t asked her about it, she feels normal.

‘guy’s me and Niall have said that melony can stay here with us’ ‘yeah, that’s fine’ said harry winking at her ‘harry… leave her alone’ said Liam, harry pouted ‘its ok harry’ said melony winking at harry ‘this girl will fit straight in’ said zayn grinning, a laugh escaped her lips. At that point Niall walked in ‘heeya, so I’m guessing you’ve all met melony’ ‘yeah, Niall I think you’ve found yourself a keeper’ said Louis elbowing him, Niall looked at her and blushed ‘well, melony you and Niall can stay together and I’ll stay with zayn’ I said ‘ok’ she replied blushing ‘well I think it’s time to get some rest’ we all nodded in agreement and then we left the room, leaving melony and Niall.

Nialls pov

The boys left and leaving me and melony alone. In a hotel room. Together. Hmm did they plan this or something? ‘by the way jade took me to your house before I dropped her off home and she packed you some stuff because she thought you wouldn’t want to go back there anytime soon..’ I said handing her the bag ‘oh, thanks’ ‘its ok’ ‘no really Niall! thank you for everything, you and the guys have been so nice to me and you only met me yesterday for a few minutes, I don’t know how I can begin to thank you’ ‘well you can start with that date you owe me’ I said winking at her, she started to laugh ‘ok sure, I’d love to’ she said smiling 

Melonys pov

I headed to the bathroom with the bag Niall gave me to get changed in to my PJ’s, when I got in I locked the door and put the bag on top of the toilet seat lid. I opened the bag and pulled out the pyjamas jade packed for me ‘OH NO!’ she packed the short sleeved ones, I can’t wear them Niall will see my arms! ‘Are you ok in there’ I heard Niall yell ‘yeah I’m fine’ I yelled back, I looked through the bag and found a long sleeved top and put it on. As I walked out the door I scrapped my arm on the door frame, I walked to my bed and got in and Niall got in his. I sat up day dreaming ‘you ok?’ Niall asked looking at me concerned ‘ye just thinking’ ‘about what’ he asked curiously ‘just everything! My brother, jade, me, you and the guys’ I said while rubbing my arm ‘melony!’ ‘What?’ I asked startled ‘you’re bleeding’ he said rushing over to my arm and started rolling up my sleeves. He looked at my arm with a shocked expression on his face ‘Niall I can expla-‘‘did he do this to you’ he asked angrily ‘who?’ ‘Your step-dad?’ ‘Umm… Yeah’ I said hoping he’d believe me ‘melony, I promise he will never be able to hurt you again because I will always protect you’ he said looking in to my eyes. 

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