How long is Forever?

A 17 year old girl lives with an over protective brother and a always drunken step-dad, she hates her family and her life but it all changed after a tragic thing happens which leads her to 5 new guys who care for her, some for than others and a new life that she can be proud of.


4. gangster gone galm

“WAIT! WHAT!” I loudly whispered checking if Niall’s still sleeping before closing the door behind me. He didn’t say a word “Liam are you crazy! I’m with Niall, YOUR BEST FRIEND!” “I KNOW! But I can’t stop think about you and trust me I’ve tried! But I just can’t.” “No! No! No! Liam you cannot do this to me. Not now!” I said pacing back and forth.

“MELONY!” I heard Niall shout from inside the hotel room “oh god! Niall’s awake; you can’t say anything to him! Promise me you won’t say anything!” he stayed silent for a moment “LIAM I MEAN IT!” “Hey, what you guys doing in the hall way” “oh hey Niall, Liam thought he heard a noise and just came to check on us, didn’t you!” “Yeah!” “Oh ok, you coming back to bed?” “Yeah!” I said as Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me in. I looked at Liam and mouthed “please” “I promise” he mouthed back just as the door closed.


I couldn’t get to sleep after that but Niall fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. I stayed up all night think about Liam. I know that sounds a little strange. It’s just the fact that LIAM! Likes ME! And can’t get me out of his head. He even thought it would be a good idea to tell me how he feels when I’m with his best mate. It’s like what did he think would happen; I’d just leave Niall for him. URRRG WHY CANT I GET HIM OUT OF MY HEAD!!! Ok think about ….. Oh! The date with Niall. Eventually I fell asleep with Niall’s help ;)

The next morning I woke up and Niall was gone. The one day I feel that all I want to do is be with him he’s not here! The one time I need him and he’s not here URRRGG! I got up slow out of bed and headed in to the bathroom. I turned on the shower, washed my face in the sink and looked at the mirror to see Niall had left me a message on it, it said “I loved you yesterday, I love you still and always will” I giggled and smile to myself.

KNOCK! KNOCK! Obviously there was a knock at the door. All I could think way I hope it wasn’t Liam. I don’t know if I could handle it without Niall near me. I headed over to the door slowly as if I was the new James bond. I’d be a pretty good ACTUALLY id be better than James bond. Anyway… we’re getting off the topic at hand. I opened the door to see Louis standing there “thank god!” I said quietly to myself “what?” “It doesn’t matter, what you doing here?” “Standing! What does it look like?” “Don’t give me sassy mister!” I said laughing and he laughed back “I came to see if you were going to come down for breakfast anytime soon…” “Yeah I’ll be down in a minute” he shrugged his shoulders and walked away as I closed the door.

I grabbed my bag and went in to the bathroom to get changed. I looked through my bag and “OH NO THEY DIDN’T!” the boys have stolen all my cloths and replaced them with … I can’t bring myself to say it… baggy jeans, boys football jersey and a snapback. Oh but wait they’ve left ONLY my heels shoes wise.

I got a text from

Zayn: “heeya! You coming down then? ;) xx”

I reply

Me: “I’m never leaving this room but FYI when I do you guys are D.E.A.D! YOU GOT ME!”

Zayn: “Aaw! Come on…. I think it’ll suite you and FYI the heels was Niall’s idea so don’t think he’ll be getting you out of this”

Oh yay Niall’s in on it! I should have known. Well I’m hungry and it’s not like I’ve got any pride to lose. I can make this work!  I got changed into what they gave me and made a few alterations… with the jersey I changed it in to a crop top (belly top) using a hair bobble, put my make-up on, bunch of bracelets on my right hand and heels but kept the baggy jeans the same.

I headed in to the dining hall and everyone and I mean EVERYONE! Was staring at me. I think an old man started drooling. The boys hadn’t noticed me yet they were laughing amongst themselves so I kept walking. Eventually one by one they noticed me, I began with Liam, then Harry, then Zayn and last but not least Louis. Their jaws dropped! It… was… funny! I sat down next to Harry “how do you manage to make something like a gangster gone wrong look so smoking!” harry said with his mouth wide open “I guess I just have swag to spear!” everyone started laughing. From then on it was a pretty fun morning but I still didn’t know where Niall had run off to for the second time but I didn’t even think of asking.

Liam came over “hey, where’s Niall?”

What Liam doesn’t know where Niall is! Then who does. Niall tells Liam everything near enough.

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