Dead Space

Alice is a relatively average sixteen year old, except she has schizophrenia. Her life in the orphanage school is weird. Sometimes her life isn't even really.. life. Her life gets overly dull sometimes, like dead space.


2. Alice Meets DeCoda Paige Black



           DeCoda Paige Black was a medium height, skinny, with knee length jet black hair, and ice blue eyes. She looked like Alice except Alice’s hair is chest length and has piercing summer green eyes. Kat resembled them both at a quick glance except her hair was dark brown and her eyes are hazel.

          “Look at her. She looks scared”, Kat whispered to Alice.

           “Whatever Kat”, Alice said as she walked on toward the new girl.

           The girl whimpered as Alice took a few steps closer. They were two feet away from each other.

        “I’m Alice Derill. What’s your name?” “De-de DeCoda Paige Black”, the girl stuttered.

       “DeCoda Paige, huh?” Kat said as she crept toward us.

        “Ye-Yes”, DeCoda Paige whispered.

       “What is wrong with you?” Alice pushed.

      “I’m schizophrenic...” DeCoda Paige said as if she was seeing a ghost.

       “I’m guessing you’ll be in my room then”, Alice said “I have an extra bed. The only extra bed in the dorm actually”.

       Kat and Alice showed DeCoda Paige to Alice’s room. The girls talked awhile, Alice the quietest as usual. DeCoda revealed she would be preferred to be called DeCoda Paige Black or DeCoda Paige. Also saying that she was orphaned at age five and had been moving from home to home about every two years.

       Alice went to the bathroom and climbed out of the window near the sink, not wanting to hear anymore nonsense about how this and that should be. She jogged to the small flower garden which was filled with iridescent colors in the spring. She stopped at the small children’s swings, and rested awhile.

     The girls’ giggled louder than ever this time. They had realized Alice climbed out the bathroom window by now. They were organizing DeCoda Paige’s belongings into the dresser and closet. They kept on telling funny stories and organizing until Head Mistress called dinner. They showed the last hanger into the closet and rushed to dinner. DeCoda Paige had forgotten all about schizophrenia and felt great until she saw it at the table. It was a young girl sobbing, when she looked at DeCoda Paige her face was contorted into a horrible monster. DeCoda Paige screamed at the top of her lungs, and ran.

          Alice heard the scream and knew instantly it was DeCoda. Alice ran toward the Girl’s Dinner Hall, and flew right smack into DeCoda Paige. Kat was now creeping toward them unsure of what to do or ask.

    “What happened?” Alice asked sternly yet concerned.

     “He-he-her!” DeCoda Paige sobbed. DeCoda blacked out into Alice’s arms.

     The nurse, who was always present, helped DeCoda Paige off Alice, who for once looked like she truly cared, and onto a stretcher.

      DeCoda Paige was carried as Alice left the building.

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