A daughter's journey

this girl name is kaley she moved from gorgia to canada and she is 15 years old and she is nice but she speaks her opinion when she wants to her she meets this guy justin at her new school in canada


4. Going to school 11th grade

 I woke up the next morning got in the shower put on clothes did my hair brushed my teeth and, did my make up i went had break feast I made pancakes and bacon and, i had orange juice after that i cleaned up washed dished and, I went shopping for school supplies I bought a 4inch binder and 3 things of paper. then, I dividers and, I got 3 note books after that Iwent job searching so I have money to drive back and forth to school with I got a job at the mall to work at clairs which was amazing and. it was 5 oclock in the afternoon so I went home and it was 6 oclock and, my mom made dinner I ate she asked me if I was excited or tomorrow and, I told her I was nervious a little bit because it was a new school i was going to. then, i went got in pjs and set the alarm on my iphone for 6am then i went to bed got up took a shower put on black skinny jeans and a blue shirt that said mirror by lil wayne ft bruno mars which was my favorite shirt ever then i did my make up dark blue then, i put my hair in a french braid after that i brushed my teeth and, put on my snickers they were blue. I went and, ate break feast that my mom cooked then, i grabbed my bag and, my phone off the charger and, told my mom i would see her later she told me she loved me and, I said it back to her then, i left at 8am and i was there by 8:40am because i did not have to be there till 9am then the whole 11th grade had to go in the gym i went in and sat down on the bleachers and, this girl came over and, interduced her self hi i'm katy i said i'm kaley she said you must be new here and, i said yes i moved from georgia to here. she like come meet my friend and, I said ok she interduced us katline kaley, kaley katline and, i said hi how are you she said great you i said good and, i hung out with them and, katy said lets play basketball so me and, katline went to play with her and, before we had to go to class katy won.

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