A daughter's journey

this girl name is kaley she moved from gorgia to canada and she is 15 years old and she is nice but she speaks her opinion when she wants to her she meets this guy justin at her new school in canada


3. going to get a new car

 I drove my mom home and,I got on my compurter and, got on facebook for my stautes I put passed my drivers test i have my liences and,I posted that on twitter to. after getting my liences I asked my mom when we would take back the rental car to get our own car and, she said today and, I got really excited that I screamed and, she told me to calm down and,I said ok. we took te rental car back and took a cab to carcity and,i saw a mustang that caught my eye and, I looked at my mom and, she asked my that's what you want and, i said yes and, she said than that's what we are going to get for you. the best part about the car is that the doors went up instead of out it was amazing and, my mom looked around so she could bye her own car to and, she spotted a camaro that she like then after that we went and filled out paper work and, she bought both cars and, I was so happy I told my mom thankyou then,we left my mom drove the camaro and, I drove the mustang we got home and, my mom told me she had to sign me up for school and, i said ok she told me she would be back about a hour later she came back made dinner and, told me that I had to meet my teachers Augst 20th and i start school Augst 23dr and, I said ok then we sat down and ate dinner then i went to bed and, she watched tv for a hour and went to bed. the days went by fast i did not do much but to day was the day that i had to meet my teachers so i did the same rutine as always take a shower then, put on my clothes after that i put my hair in a pony tail then, I brushd my teeth and, last but not least I did my make up. I told my mom I would be back and, she said ok. I went to the school got my paper to all my classes then, I went met all my teachers and, they all told me that they thought I would be a straight A student and I told them thank you and, I told them I would see them thursday they said the same thing back then, I left and, I went home dinner was done I ate with my mom i told her what all the teachers said then I told her thanks for dinner and, went to bed.

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