A daughter's journey

this girl name is kaley she moved from gorgia to canada and she is 15 years old and she is nice but she speaks her opinion when she wants to her she meets this guy justin at her new school in canada


2. Going out for my birthday

my mom woke me up at 10:00 in the morning, and she made me breakfeast and song happy birthday.I went and,hug her and,gave her a kiss on the cheek and,I told her thank you. she said your welcome now go get ready i said ok. so I went got clothes jumped in the shower after 15 minutes later i got out of the shower put on lotion then put on my clothes after that i put my hair in a french braid and, went to do my make up.after i did my make up i brushed mt teeth then me and, my mom left the house.we went to the mall and, got are nails done then,i got my nose pireced then my belly button perieced it was cool then we went to watch a movie. the name of the movie is no strings attached and, it was amazing and, my mom looked at me and, said happy 16th birthday kaley and, i said thank you mom. she looked at me and, said we are going out to eat i said ok.she took me to MC Donlas and, it was 8 oclock and, when we were done we went home and, i got in my pjs I went to bed.And, the next morning i got up at 11 oclock took a shower put on my clothes put my hair in a braid. brushed my teeth and , went to have  break feast and, after that i did my make up and, i was ready to take my driver test.and. my mom got ready then we left and, I drove the lady around and, passed the test went took my picture and, got my liences. 

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