Behind the Screen *1D Fanfiction*

When Micheal makes an account on Facebook and meets "Smilesforawhiles" she makes a love she wants to meet right away but who is behind the screen?


8. The Good, The Bad, and the ugly

"Well before I begin," Harry says staring at Zayn. "She knows about Paul." Zayn looks at me scared like he has done something wrong.

"Harry," I say "Did you tell me everything?"

"No not exactly." He says his eyes still blood red and his mouth curved into a mischievous grin. 

"I need to know. Now."

"I think I should let the Zayn tell you." His grin has turned into a obvious smile. 

Zayn is looking down and clutching his fist a little bit of blood begins to drip as I take his hand his nails are demolishing his hands. I call for May and she bandages his hands up. I'm inpatient I just want to punch Zayn in the gut so I say, "What the hell, you tell me you love me and shit but, you don't tell me about whatever you said to Paul. What the hell did you say Zayn!!" 

He still looks down and shakes his head. Some tears fall but i don't care at all.

I pick his head up and scream, "Zayn, answer me or you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

"I cant, Micheal. There I can't if I tell you." He pauses. "If I tell you I lose you."

"No Zayn you never had me. Technically I am Harry's not yours. Ok, so either way your making this harder for yourself so tell me now!"

"I was mad ok. I told Paul Harry raped you to get you out of the house I wanted you all to myself. Your special ok."

Tears are now dripping down my face. "No Zayn I'm not special. I bet this isn't your first time pulling a stunt like this. I bet you've done it before so get out of my face. I hate you. Just forget about whatever you thought we had."

"But Micheal.."

"Don't talk to me. I fucking hate you." To prove it I stood up and kissed Harry right in front of him. It was perfect to hurt him but, do I love Harry?

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