Behind the Screen *1D Fanfiction*

When Micheal makes an account on Facebook and meets "Smilesforawhiles" she makes a love she wants to meet right away but who is behind the screen?


1. Face What??

                                                                    Micheal's P.O.V

"Come on your joking right you don't know what Facebook is?" said my so called Bff Mia."Yah what is it can I make one. I bet is awesome. I said sarcastically "Mia of course I have a Facebook". "I don't believe that you acted so retarded" Mia said I gave her one of those stares then she said    "I was joking Micheal gosh". "Anyway I met this boy let me show you" I say logging in "So his username is "Smilesforawhiles" and me and him have a lot of good," I said until I was interrupted  "Beep beep beep. Omg sorry my mom said I need to go home" said Mia "Bye" I said but she already flew out the door. "Bing ba Bing" said my Desktop. I check and quess who was on yup it was "Smilesforawhiles" Aka Harry at least he said I should call him that.

"Smilesforawhiles" is online


Harry-You still coming to the movies

Micheal- Omg I forgot on the way asap

Harry- You'll be surprised to see me hehe. Remember we're watching The Princess Bride. GTG stupid peeps said no texting in the movie theaters. xD

                                                                                 "Smilesforawhiles" is offline


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