Behind the Screen *1D Fanfiction*

When Micheal makes an account on Facebook and meets "Smilesforawhiles" she makes a love she wants to meet right away but who is behind the screen?


5. But.

“I think we should take a break." he says . No no no please no don't do this I want to say, but I can't breath I'm having an asthma attack in Harry's house. I start making hand signals and trying to make noise, but Harry still doesn't turn around and I feel like I'm about to die. The last thing I remember is hearing Zayn say something before I black out.


I wake up in a room I wonder why I'm not in a hospital while my vision settles and I notice a girl who looks like a nurse.This isn't a hospital at all I'm pretty sure of it. I hear a knock on the door the nurse says something and Harry and Zayn walk in. They look like they were in a fight. Zayn's knuckles are bleeding and he has a black eye while Harry's leg is bandaged up and he has a busted lip. Harry limps next to me and starts to speak "Mickey I'm so sorry I never knew you had asthma. I never meant to hurt you, but I still think we should-" before he even says what I think he will Zayn coughs (A Non-No kind of cough) signaling Harry to shut up. "Thanks, Zayn." I mumble loud enough for him to hear me. He nods and goes to a chair to sit.


"Doll, you might be wondering why we're all bandaged up," Zayn starts to say reading my mind " Well after you blacked out I sent you here. Me and Hare talked, but it went wrong. Then me and Hare sort of got in a fight." He is looking down know.


"Doll, it will be better to tell you when May bandages you up ok? I promise it will take a few minutes lets just freshen up." Him and Harry stood to leave. Right before they left I had a feeling I knew why they fought.


May cleans me up and tells me it will be ok. All I can do is nod talking hurts way to much. I walk out the door slowly when I get outside it looks like a hurricane happened. Glass vases on the floor I think I see blood stains. All I know is this fight was Big.

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