2. patience

Nobody knew Liani's past, she was a mystery, she had never been to school, nobody had ever seen her parents, if she had any. All they knew was she had talent, and nobody cared about much else. They was dressed in grey that matched the startling darkness of her eyes. Her stark white hair was intricatly twilled around her head but had become undone in places. One of her sleaves had been rolled up to show the pale skin with a light blue tinged that she knew from expereince would not go away with a tan. She quickly fliped her partner over her shoulder and brought him down with a thud. Her eyes shifted to the plain wall of the studio, she squinted as if trying to see somthing inside the wall. Liani turned her head back to her opponent, she blinked twice to refocus her eyes.

"I've got to go... forgot about... bye." she mumbled.

Everybody mumbled back, this happend alot... forgeting things.


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