The Boy

Sabby Moore is just an Australian girl. A girl that has a lot to deal with. She is constantly bullied and tormented, her mother is a drunk with abusive boyfriends and Sabby can't take it anymore. She starts to have suicidal thoughts. When everything seems to be getting worse and worse... she joins a website and begins talking to a boy. But when this boy reveals who he is, will Sabby believe him? Can he show her what it means to smile?


8. Worry

Zayn's POV

"Don't! I need you SMooresX. You need me. There's nothing I wouldn't do to make you stop this. You're perfect. Don't change to please others. You don't need to. What other people say and think doesn't determine your worth. Please. There are not enough words or time in the universe for me to express to you how much it would kill me if you do this. Please."

Quickly I pressed send, though refusing to close the tab it was on. I started to sweat and couldn't stand still, so I started to pace in the small space backstage.

"Calm down, mate!" I jumped as Niall put his hand on my shoulder. "Why are you so worried? It's not your first show... it's his," he pointed his thumb towards one of the new guitarists, Mike, who was nervously joking around with Harry.

"I know, it's just that..." No. I wasn't going to say. My left hand went through my perfectly gelled hair, awaiting the vibration from my phone which would bring me a sense of peace and comfort.

"Just what?" Niall led me towards the over-stuffed and over-used couch in the corner to give us a sense of privacy. He sat beside me and held my hand for comfort.

"Ahhh...." I shook my head, tears nearly in my eyes. I couldn't cry though or the carefully applied mascara would drool down my face, my eyes would become red.

"It's okay, you don't have to say," Niall finally said and smiled tightly, looking straight into my eyes. I couldn't look straight into his, instead I looked at the screen of my phone to see if SMooresX had replied. It had been two minutes since I sent the message. it said she had seen it... but it didn't give a clue as to if she listened to me or not.

"SMooresX please reply? I won't rest until I know you're alive and well" - Randomboy1994. I stared at the screen. Slowly a tick showed up beside my message. Well... at least she had gotten it.

"Randomboy1994, I didn't. I'm alive... for now..." - SMooresX.

I could have jumped up and screamed with relief, but I didn't. Instead I quickly excused me from Niall's presence and went to the toilets where I replied.

"You scared me." - Randomboy1994.

"Why? Didn't think you would care?" - SMooresX.

"I do care.... I care because I love you." - Randomboy 1994.


Ilovewriting (Janaya)

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