The Boy

Sabby Moore is just an Australian girl. A girl that has a lot to deal with. She is constantly bullied and tormented, her mother is a drunk with abusive boyfriends and Sabby can't take it anymore. She starts to have suicidal thoughts. When everything seems to be getting worse and worse... she joins a website and begins talking to a boy. But when this boy reveals who he is, will Sabby believe him? Can he show her what it means to smile?


12. Sadness

Sabbys pov
Fluttering me eyes opened. Events from last night hit me like a tsunami. The pills.... The boy.... Zayn Malik..... It was almost too much to process at once. 
Wait.... I sat up straight in bed. Zayn Malik. ZAYN JAVAAD MALIK!!! I wanted to scream, dance and jump all at one, even though it was most likely not humanely possible. 
I smiled. Someone out there cared for me! And it wasn't just anyone, either. It was one of the most famous boys in the world! 
Without knowing it, I was the envy of thousands of girls across the world. I smiled more. I couldn't wait to tell everyone!

By lunch I was in the toilets crying. No one believed me. I was in the last stall, And forced myself to shut up as two girls came in.
"Urgh! I'm never going to finish my maths homework!" The first girl sighed dramatically. I recognized her voice to be Marla's. 
"That doesn't matter! Have you heard of Shabby Sabby's new tale?"
"Who hasn't?" 
"Why would anyone want to talk to her anyway? The garbage man doesn't even talk to her!" The two girls left. 
More tears came. I couldn't stop them. Why hadn't I killed myself last night? 



The past few chapters have been written by me, ilovewriting :) 

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