The Boy

Sabby Moore is just an Australian girl. A girl that has a lot to deal with. She is constantly bullied and tormented, her mother is a drunk with abusive boyfriends and Sabby can't take it anymore. She starts to have suicidal thoughts. When everything seems to be getting worse and worse... she joins a website and begins talking to a boy. But when this boy reveals who he is, will Sabby believe him? Can he show her what it means to smile?


2. Pizza


Zayns Point of View

It was a secret. No one was supposed to know. The only reason I was known as Randomboy1994 by a few people was because I wanted to be normal. I didn’t want thousands of girls wanting to follow me on twitter, wanting to become Facebook friends and who wanted to talk just for the sake of talking to me. Zayn Malik. The Zayn Javaad Malik. I didn’t want thousands of girls following me on the street to see what brand of deodorant I buy or see what size my tee-shirts are. It was insane. This wasn’t the life I had chosen. That was why I had chosen to become Randomboy1994, and live a lie whenever I logged on.


“What?” Quickly I closed the laptop so Harry wouldn’t see the page I was on. SmooresX had just sent me a message saying how bad her day was. I was tempted to go over to wherever she lived and teach those kids a lesson.

“Woah! Snappy much!” Harry put his hands up in mock surrender and took a step back. “We were just wondering what kind of pizza you wanted for tea.”

“Oh…” I closed my eyes and sighed, trying to think for a reply. “Sorry. Must be the jetlag.” I shrugged; it was a plausible excuse since we had been on the road for two weeks straight, a different time zone every other day.

“It’s fine, Malik,” Harry quickly said and took another step back into the room. “So what kind did you want?”

“Meatlovers,” I replied without thought before taking the laptop off the table and carried it to my bed. One again I opened it, logged in, and saw the message. This girl needed some serious help. How many times had she come to me saying she was about to end it? Too many to count on one hand, that’s for sure.

“Okay then.” Harry left the room, which left me to the quiet where I tried several times to think of an appropriate answer that didn’t give away my feelings. My feelings. I didn’t even know her real name, but deep down, I loved her. I truly loved her.


Written by: ilovewriting :)

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