The Boy

Sabby Moore is just an Australian girl. A girl that has a lot to deal with. She is constantly bullied and tormented, her mother is a drunk with abusive boyfriends and Sabby can't take it anymore. She starts to have suicidal thoughts. When everything seems to be getting worse and worse... she joins a website and begins talking to a boy. But when this boy reveals who he is, will Sabby believe him? Can he show her what it means to smile?


9. Names

Sabby's POV

I read and reread the message a thousand times, not believing my eyes. Did he just say....?? No. He couldn't have. No one would ever care about me. Not like that anyway. The tears slowed, and my breathing started to become more normal as I read it again.

"I..." - SMooresX... I didn't know what to say, though I didn't bother to move from my spot. The pill bottle had fallen to the floor at my feet, the white, powdery substances rolled across the tiled floor.

"You what?" - Randomboy1994

"What's your name?" - SMooresX... great... inwardly I groaned. I felt the same way. I loved him.. but I was scared to say. I couldn't get into a relationship with a stranger... could I?

"Call me Zain ;)" - Randomboy1994.

With the sleeve of the jumper I wore I wiped away the tears which spilt down my cheeks, making an even bigger mess, spreading the eyeliner and mascara everywhere.

"I'm Sabby," - SMooresX my hand shook as I looked at the screen. For comfort, I brought my knees up to my chest. "What's your full name?"

There was about five minutes before he replied again, and as I waited I stared at the pills. They seemed to be laughing at me, calling me chicken, daring me to take them.... I was just about to reach for one before he replied.

"Zayn... my name is Zayn Javaad Malik." - Randomboy1994.



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