50 Shades of Niall and Harry

Kendal and Abbie decided one day to go to the Sweetest place on earth also known as Hershey Park. But what they didnt know was that One Direction was having 2 concerts there and they met them there. Will Kendall adn Abbie have new boyfriends or will they be left in the dust. Find out in "50 Shades of Niall and Harry.


18. Zayn has a gurlfriend!! But who's jealous Kendal's POV

Harry screamed when he saw Abbie passed out on the floor. He ran to her hoping she would wake up shaking her vigorously,but nothing changed. I was getting really scared ad screamed for Niall to come down stairs. After about 2 seconds I heard footsteps running from upstairs. Then I saw Niall, he looked scared and worried. I told him that we needed to get to the hospital IMEADIATLY!!!! We grabbed Abbie and Harry carried her out the door. Me and Niall got JB the front seat but before Harry and Abbie got in the back seat he leaned in and kissed me on the lips and told me everything is going to be ok. We then saw Harry come in and lay Abbie down on his legs. I could tell he liked it. 

------------Abbie Awakens----------

Abbie finally just awoken and we were allowed to see her. When we got in we already saw Zayn with hiss arm around a girl with amazing eyes and hair. I smiled cuz Zayn has been waiting for the perfect girl to walk in on his life. Abbie was awkw and seemed fine, and alright but then Harry came in, and his eyes were puffy and his face was the color of an apparition. It was like a sillouette of Harry, creepy. But it was him so false alarm. Then Louis came in and saw the girl, Wich I now know her name it is Mia. And he started to get angry when he saw Zayns arm around her, someone must be jealous............then the unexpected happened Harry and Abbie kissed

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