50 Shades of Niall and Harry

Kendal and Abbie decided one day to go to the Sweetest place on earth also known as Hershey Park. But what they didnt know was that One Direction was having 2 concerts there and they met them there. Will Kendall adn Abbie have new boyfriends or will they be left in the dust. Find out in "50 Shades of Niall and Harry.


9. There is a first for EVERYTHING

"Help" She cried playfully! She is so cute, and she was mine. I started to lean in adn everything was perfect, we crasherd our lips on one another. I felt spars and I finally sadi to myself , She is the one. I started to play with her hair and we got closer. NOOOO!!! Maybe later but she was so tempting, I had to.........And you know what happened after that***************
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