My Life Story

It's Just a bit me and about where I came from and how it has impacted me today


1. HI!

Hi I'm Cameron but you can call me Cami.

I was born Ocotber 1st, 2000 to amazing parents that I love. We were a happy, fun, life loving family but that didn't last long...

Two years after I came into this world my parents seperated and then divorced but not long after they divorced my little sister was born :D I was pretty excited but then My dad got remarried to a woman that was my sisters mom and at first I thought she was pretty cool but after a while she became mean I didn't like her as much but now I do. When I went to my dad's I was at the house with her most of the time because my dad was never home because he was a cop so he had jobs to do, so I guess me and her just bonded.

When I started pre-school I was pretty excited. I wanted to make new friends and meet new people. I met 2 girls that are still my best friends today! Their names were Emma and Sarah A. They were awesome and we were inseperable. And ya see we went to a christian private school until 1st grade. We were wayyy to smart for pre-school but our parents sent us anyways.

We were still super close until 1st grade. We went to the same school which was good I guess. Me and Sarah A. were in the same class but Emma was in the other class *tear* I was really upset. Not only because Emma wasn't in  the same class but because Sarah found new friends and emma too. I was left alone and I was bullied and I felt like I had no friends until 2nd grade!

A new kid came and her name was Taylor. We immediately became friends but she was on the heavier side for a second grader and got bullied too but I stuck up for her. Always! we were best friends. We took on the world together! Then in 4th grade emma left and I was sad but we hadn't talked in forever so i kinda just brushed it off and hung out with all the new kids I had became friends and I still hung out with Taylor and we were still best friends!

Then this new kid named Colby came and I tried to be friends with him I really did but he made it his mission to make mine and Taylors life a living hell. He succeded for taylor because in 6th Grade she left me alone to deal with colby and another super rude kid named William came and I thought my life was hell then.... Man I was wrong! I felt hopeless and started cutting. I thought That was the only answer....but it wasn't...

A/N: should I write more?

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