In the Sky: Chapter 3 (1)

Following on from the chapter 2 by hellohihi (1).


1. Chapter 3

Izalla kept on running until, exhausted, she flopped down on a bench and cried. She should have known he wouldn’t come. He never did but for some reason every time he sent her a letter telling her where to meet him, she always thought that this time would be when he finally turned up. He never did.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d sat there, crying in the rain, when she heard a voice in front of her. She looked up, alarmed, when she saw a boy who was maybe a little older than her standing with his hands in his pockets looking down at the pitiful sight that was her.

“Are you ok?” he asked in a friendly, concerned voice. He sat down next to her and listened quietly as she explained, through her sobs, why she was alone in the middle of London at night, before he took hold of her arm and said that she’d better come back to his and his friend’s place. Izalla knew that trusting him the way she did was irrational but dismissed it with the thought that going with him was certainly the safer option given the situation.

As they were walking under a lamppost, Izalla got a proper look at him and saw that his eyes and hair were the same shade of warm mid-brown and he had an open, caring face but that was all she could tell because just as they got right under it, the street light flickered and then came back on again once they had passed. Looking up at it in confusion, the boy shrugged and led her into a fairly nice block of flats.

Once they were inside a fairly spacious living-kitchen area with three doors on it the boy smiled and gestured to two more people sat in front of the TV near the door.

“This is Jake,” a short blonde haired boy smiled and waved at her.

He gestured towards a nasty looking girl, also with blonde hair. “And that’s Mia.” She scowled.

He tactfully told Jake and Mia that he’d brought Izalla there because she’d had a mix-up about when she was meant to be meeting her dad and introduced himself as Aidan.

Mia stalked towards Izalla. “Aw. Did you lose your daddy?” she sniggered and put her arms out to hug her before suddenly recoiling and pulling a face.

“Dan, OMG Dan,” she stared at Aidan. “Why did you bring her here?”

He looked from Mia to Izalla, confused.

Mia took a step back. “She is full of darkness. It’s like, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She’s not got one tiny bit of light in her.”

Izalla found herself wishing the ground would just swallow her up as they all turned to stare at her.

“I know only one person that could be like that,” said Jake.

Aidan looked at her with wonder showing on his face. “You must be Izalla.” He said.

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