Circus Mirrors.


1. Circus Mirrors.

Look at me, up and down, left to right. 
Now look in that mirror, just the same. 
That mirror lies to you, it tells me the truth,
The truth of my image and my body. 

I'm sorry for thinking this of myself,
But if I don't, who will? They think I believe
Their lies about me, but the mirror; 
Oh the mirror's words are always real. 

It whispers in my ears every dragging day. 
The subtle, illusive smog of desperation
That contorts my every tiny thought into
Something that it never has been, and should never be. 

Stretch me, shrink me, I'm your puppet. 
Bend me, break me, I'm yours to mould. 
Teach me how to love myself, I dislike myself
Because you taught me how. 

Push me away, pull me back to you,
I'm just something here when it's needed. 
I'll sit here silently and listen solemnly, 
And act like there's nothing wrong with me. 

It's all about you, and I know you need it,
But sometimes I need the mirror to stop, 
Just so I, as my very own person, can begin. 
But it seems that it's never really needed. 

My appearance is as corrupted as I like, 
And I don't need someone to identify
The corruption these mirrors cause. 
I can be ruined, but I can also be happy with it. 


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