Open you're eyes

Chole's 15 and she has a really big secret that she can't tell her boyfriend Louis
worst of all she's moving away. Will he ever found out.


6. Chapter Six ~ What

"Wait, what!?" said Zayn stepping forward, "Lou, you never told us you were a dad?" 

"To be honest Zayn, I didn't know till about 10 seconds ago" He replied 

"Well then, how do you know she isn't just a crazed fan saying its your daughter. It happened to Bieber it could happen to you" Liam said. 

"Because I know her and look at this little girl I can tell she's mine just by looking at her." Lou said "I know she's mine" 

Well this is going a lot differently than i thought at least Lou believes that Brook is his, Im so happy about it, she finally got to meet her dad.

"I promise Lou is her dad, why would i lie about it, why would i get my five year old daughters hopes up. Me and Lou broke up when i left for Australia five years ago and exactly five years ago today, one month after i left our amazing beautiful daughter Brook was born. One month does not give me enough time to meet a new guy or get pregnant and Lou knows i would never ever in a million years cheat on him." i said getting defensive 

"I know Chloe would never cheat on me i believe her and i believe that this is my daughter and no one can change that. If you want and if its Ok with Chloe i will take a DNA test to prove it." demanded Louis 

"Sure if no one believe us" i replied 

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