Open you're eyes

Chole's 15 and she has a really big secret that she can't tell her boyfriend Louis
worst of all she's moving away. Will he ever found out.


7. Chapter Seven ~ The truth

So the results got back to Louis today and it's proof that Brook is his child sadly we've been back in Australia for two weeks. 

One Direction's tour is coming to Australia in three days and me and Brook can't wait so she can see her dad again, also i get to tell Louis that im moving back to London so Brook can be closer to her dad when he's not on tour.

*three days later"

Louis decided to come to my house when the band first arrived so we could talk 

"hey girls!" he said when he walked in 

"hey Louis i got some news for you" i said 

"what is it?" Louis asked 

"Me and Brook are moving to London. I've been wanting to move back for years and i have just enough for a two bed apartment, were moving at the end of the month!" i said excitedly 

"really, oh my gosh does this mean i get to see Brook and you more often?"

"of course as long as it doesn't effect your work." i said sternly

i was so happy about moving back and even happier that Lou was happy about it i looked around the room wondering what im going to have to leave behind. 

"any way i have to go now, we have to sound check for the concert, im really happy about you moving to London" he said

"Ok see you soon" i said as i walked him to the door. 

as we hug he lent in and kissed me, images of our relationship flashed in front of my eyes. I love him 

"oh my god" he said "im sorry, i didn't mean it sorry" he said as he rushed away, 

what just happened does he still have those same feeling from five years ago or is it just in my mind.

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