Open you're eyes

Chole's 15 and she has a really big secret that she can't tell her boyfriend Louis
worst of all she's moving away. Will he ever found out.


1. Chapter One ~ Memories

Chloe's POV 

"I'll miss you"  I said softly. The look on his face breaks my heart, even more than it's already broken 


"I'll miss you so much" he replies, his warm breath on my ear. He's so close to me it sends shivers up my spine. 


I should tell him. Im fifteen I shouldn't have to tell him. I can't do it. 


"I love you" he whispers in my ear. "Don't forget me, over there in Australia."  


"I'll come back and visit. I promise"  I know i'll break this promise. Just like I've already broken the other promise we made; to tell each other everything. 


He's  only sixteen, I can deal with this on my own, I can't ruin his future too. Like I've ruined my own. 


"Bye Chloe" he whispered.


"Bye, Louis" I reply. "I love you." 


I play this scene over and over in my head every time i close my eyes, why didn't i tell him. He needed to know, I ran over to my laptop and started booking a flight to London i had already brought VIP tickets for the concert. Im really excited. 

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