Open you're eyes

Chole's 15 and she has a really big secret that she can't tell her boyfriend Louis
worst of all she's moving away. Will he ever found out.


4. Chapter Four ~ VIP

Chloe's POV


"Come on Brook we have to go!" I shouted 

"Coming mummy!" she called back. 

I picked up my bag as Brook came rushing out the toilet, 

"The taxi's waiting outside so come on let's go." 

Me and Brook ran down to the lifts Brook a few steps ahead of me "Brook press the button then wait for me!" I called and she did just that. 

Me and Brook sat next to each other in the taxi, Brook sat staring out the window and clutching Harry and Liam to her chest.  

The concert was absolutely amazing and Brook enjoyed it as well she was more excited about meeting her dad. 

I was so nervous as the body guard walked us backstage to meet the boys, he probably won't recognize me, although i haven't changed that much, so i haven't got braces anymore or those weird geeky glasses i had when i was 15 but other than  that nothings about me is any different. 

Brook held my hand tightly as we walked it four of the boys were there,  Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam. I didn't know where Louis was and i didn't care at that moment. 

"Hi there, Im Harry although you probably know that already" Harry said, my god those brown curly locks he was nearly as perfect as Louis, 

"G'day, im Brook" Brook said confidently. "And who are these Harry said pointing to Brooks teddies" 

"Well this is Harry the Hippo and Liam the Lion" she replied "That's funny" said Liam "that's our names, what gave you that idea?" "My mum said they were my daddy's friends names" 

"Hi" I said "Where Louis?" 




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