Open you're eyes

Chole's 15 and she has a really big secret that she can't tell her boyfriend Louis
worst of all she's moving away. Will he ever found out.


5. Chapter Five ~ Reunion

Just as i asked Louis appeared out of no where and looked at me. 

"Chloe?" he said confused "Chloe is it really you" 

"yes it's me." I replied "Can i talk to you in privet a minute" 

"Sure" Louis said.

"Hunny" I said, and turned to Brook   "Can you stay here with the boys whilst i talk to Louis" 

"Okay mummy" Brook said happily. 

"mummy?" Louis said confused 

"yeah, that's what I wanted to talk to you about" I said "remember before i left for Australia, I had to tell you something but i didn't want to ruin your life so i left it, i thought i could cope on my own, a soon as my mum found out she kicked me out."

"wait..what are you trying to say" Louis said confused

"Im trying to tell you that daughter is... you're daughter" 

"are you sure? how do you know"

"I know because your the only guy i've ever been with" 

"Oh my gosh, im a dad" Louis said "Im a dad!" 

He ran out just ahead of me and wrapped his arms around Brook lifting her into the air, "Hey beautiful girl" he said 

"Brook, that's Louis, Louis is your dad" 

"DADDY!" she shouted "DADDY its you" 

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