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Hi! As u all know im the am the daugther of the famous movie star and the world biggest music producer. My name is Allison Clement .My parents name are Brian and Lydia Clement . Im 16 years old. I love sports but i sing too but no one knows that but me let move on to this story .


1. the break up and the kisses

Allison P.O.V i have the world most wonderful boyfriend ever. His name is Lucas. He's prefect for me and only me. Eleanor is my bestfriend in the world. I love my mom and dad equaly. I love sports i love cheerleading. Im popular at my high school Prom is coming up and i going to be prom queen so i need to perfect dress in the world. This will be awsome. Dad can u give me my money for my dress me and Eleanor is going pick it up today. Dad's P.O.V Ok allison just before u go come meet my new clients ok dad ill be right there ok .Allison P.O.V as i walk down stairs to see one diretcion in my living room i didnt fangirl i dont do anything they hi said and i said hi back and  i rolled my eys at them. Dad i need to go i need to pick up my prom dress at 2:00pm and it 1:30pm Dad P.O.V ok sweetie go have fun with eleanor ok bye sweetie. Allison hold up. What are u wearing? Allison P.O.V dad im just wearing my cheerleading practice clothes which is ( short tank top with booty shorts with a under amor black and white jackets and teenis shoe with my hair in a hair ponytail and a big green bow). Dad P.O.V allison plz go change  i dont want guy grabing on u and everything. Allison P.O.V Dad come on i cant change i have cheer practice and i have to wear it and so what is guy want me i cant stop it and its not my fault im so hot. One Direction P.O.V we all said they samethign at once "sir she right its not her fault' . Allison P.O.V come on dad light up its not ilike im dating anyone. Dad's P.O.V what happen to lucas. Allison P.O.V  he dating  chesale the co-captin i dont know exactly why we broke up . I am the captin if the team like really . Cheasle is ugly wait no she not she fugly. Dad's P.O.V   Allison please dont use that tone in this house. Allison P.O.V ok dad but i have to go .Crap i forgot my poms-poms. Dad P.O.V as the boys was going for a walking allison came back to get her poms-poms and she hit niall and actudially kissed niall when she came inside . Allison P.O.V as i went to say something  he kissed me again i didnt kissed back i pulled away luckly my dad wasn't in the living room. Niall P.O.V i dont know why i just didnt that i just remeber what he lipstick taste like Allison P.O.V i cant belive he just did that . I  ran up to my room and call the practice off. I cant believe he did ...... What will happen between? What will happen if my dad found out?

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