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Hi! As u all know im the am the daugther of the famous movie star and the world biggest music producer. My name is Allison Clement .My parents name are Brian and Lydia Clement . Im 16 years old. I love sports but i sing too but no one knows that but me let move on to this story .


7. Should we just be friends, broke ankle and no cheerleading

Allison P.O.V  After lucas left i ran up to my room and the boys followed me  i didnt know what say to them. Instead i yelled at niall for picking a fight with lucas. He told my that lucas was gonna hurt me. I told niall "lucas never hurt me while we was dating but niall u did ". I told him we should just be friends. After i told him that i ran to my bathroom and locked my self in there i didnt come out until 7:30pm and i saw all the boys in my room even niall . i told Niall i was sorry but he didnt listen. After he went in to his room i went down stairs and my mom and dad was home i ran up hugged them both. I really missed my dad the most i told him i was sorry  and that he was right about the boy and he did the same. When it was time to eat everyone came down and ate but niall i went upstairs and saw niall in my bed passed out . i was gonna wakr him up bed i went lay by himi felt safe and good in his arm but i was still mad at him for what he did. i guess ill talk to him about it in the morning . i fell asleep and woke up at 7:00 am. Everyone was still asleep but me and niall i heard him down stairs so i deceied to go down stairs as i walked down stair i looked at niall and he looked sad and mad i guess he was mad at me for what i said to him yesterday. I guess i should apologize him as i was walking toward him i tripped i heard my ankle cracked i screamed in pain but when niall ran to my i stoped crying cause i knew i was in his safe hands. As  everyone rushed down stairs they called the amublulance and i sent to the hosptial . The told me that i broke my ankle and i knew that meant no cheerleading or sport that really hurt me very much, I dont know what ill do all i know is that this wont stop my life from doing what i do but i knew ill have to walk on cruhter but ill still be me. When i got home i went lay on the couch while my mom made me so tea and give me some water to take my medicene. The boys came sit around me and niall held my hand since i was in pain from my ankle. Niall ketp apologize to me and i told him it wasnt his fault . My dad carried my to my room and told them i didnt want anyone in there i just want to my be alone at that time to get some rest. The next morning i took a shower but it was really hurt with my foot but i magned to get it dont i change and i went down stairs  and niall cam to help me get down i told him i fine and i dont need help my mom and dad notcied i have my cheerleading uniform on and i had my pom-poms with me down stairs. They asked my why i had it had and i told them i was going to comepeite the competeion today and they said no. I yelled say i need to im that captain and my team needs me. with out me they cant do anything. Then they told my the news They said the choach called and since i havent been at any of the practice the i been bunked down to co-captain. I started to cried and then niall came to my side. i threw my phone at the wall and i threw my cruchter down i walked up to the stairs and niall followed me he saw my grabing my pures and my keys. He asked my where i was going and i told i was going to the competion and he tried to stop me but instead i smacked him across the face and i yelled to him that was for cheating on me and for stopping me froming leaveing to go to my compelteion for cheerleading. As i was walking to the font door my mom adn dad stopped me they told that i was not allowed to leave the house i told them that im ankle is fine i am fine i just have to be the captain again. They told me no  and i started to cry my mom came and huged me and told me that i will have to wait for next year. I yelled and told her no theres no more next year. She asked my why and I told because im  senior im gaudating tomorrow. She asked my why i havent i told them and i told her because i want tomorrow to be for me and yall people will ask yall for yall atuograph thats why and that i went to my room i saw niall laying on my bed and i went say by him i told him i was sorry and he forgave me then he asked me does this me were still together  and i told him if hes a good kisser then hes a keeper and then he kissed me ao hes a keeper. He told that who care about cheerleading and that i dont need  it and hes right. then while we were kissing my mom walked inand cough and told my that the cheerleading coach was down stairs. As i started walkign down stairs my whole team was their and they won first place. I told them i was proud of them and they told me that im captain again because chealeas was making out with lucas behid the blecher while we was perforing and i told them there u captain.So alison will you be captain again? I dont know what to say but im sorry i cant be captain and i quit the team. Allison u cant quit we need you. No u dont yall dont yall won first place and with me and my ankle i really cant walk right now i sorry coah im sorry girl  but niall helped me reliazed the things in life the u really dont need. But hey coach ur cheerleading moves tohought me a lot back i got aceepted to new york to be on the New York Ginants football- team. But thanks again coach for what u thaught me and good job girls ur really did go i hope and for chealelas she has karma written all over her because once i get out of this cast she going down. well bye niall will u help me up. sure. thank nialler. As i got into my room he shuted the door to ralk to me and instead i kissed him and i said man i missed ur kisses he said they didnt go no wheres but then i hear my mom and dad call me so i went what they need but when i hit that last step i fell and i blacked out...










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