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Hi! As u all know im the am the daugther of the famous movie star and the world biggest music producer. My name is Allison Clement .My parents name are Brian and Lydia Clement . Im 16 years old. I love sports but i sing too but no one knows that but me let move on to this story .


3. Niall makeout section and Mom's back

Allison P.O.V The next morning i woke up and i remember what happen lant night. Did i really make out with niall? Or was it a dream. Did i really to my dad off. I woke up to a note it was from my mom: Come down when u wake up but look pretty since the boys are here. I went into my bathroom i put a little makeup on i put my hair in a hair ponytail and then i looked at the time 9:00am . After that i wen in to my room and grabed my phone and head down stairs. i saw my mom sitting on the couch by my dad. I didnt even look at my dad or the boys all i did when i came down i hugged my mom and we talked like forever. i went into the kitchen and someon e followed my i didnt look but by the way he said good moring love i new it was niall. When i went to say saysomething he kissed me. I had to kiss him back i dont know why i had to but i did. After we kissed i told him lets go to my room he said ok as we walked quietly to the stair i counted to three and we ran up stairs. I knew he was in love with me. After i closed my door, he picked my up and start to kissed me  and i kissed him back. After that he fixed his hair and walked down stairs and five mins after he did i walk down stairs to play it off like nothing happen. I told them i was going swimming to night and if anyone want to join me they could . Lets just say Harry, Zayn Liam Niall and Louis saw me in my bikini and their mouth dropped. After we swam for 2 hours we got out of the pool and it was really drak i tripped and fell on somone i thought it was niall but i was wroung it was........

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