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Hi! As u all know im the am the daugther of the famous movie star and the world biggest music producer. My name is Allison Clement .My parents name are Brian and Lydia Clement . Im 16 years old. I love sports but i sing too but no one knows that but me let move on to this story .



when i saw him i was on top of niall and i was shocked so was niall. I could tell he was mad then i told niall to give me a minunet to talk to him ok said ok and kissed my lips. i could tell lucas came to get me back. lucas started to tesne up i knew he would to hurt niall but me most of all but why he broke up with me and he will never get me again . i said to him " lucas baby i still love u and i leaned it to kiss but i said if u want me back then u have to catach me before i get down stairs and i took off but he caught up to me when we got the to bottem of the stairs he pulled me back and we fell i just hoped they were in the living room and they were but i was really scared about me ankle but i didnt hurt it but i did hurt my nose and i down and say blood and i got up and ran to niall while lucas was on the floor. i went up to lucas and said " how does it feel to be lied too? i will never love u lucas i love niall and thats who i want to be with and dont ever come back here got it so get off ur ass and get out of my house. After that he left then i turned around and everyone was looking about me and  i said  what someone had to say something. After that i went to my room and niall told my the my mom and dad went out and the boys went eat so we had the house to out self and niall kissed me and it with further then that. I took off his shirt and he took of mine i left love bits on his collarbone and he moaned i knew i wanted him and i told him i was ready and so was he then u know what happen after that afte rthat we took a shower and went to bed. i woke up the next morning remember what happen yesturday and i remember i told niall that i love him and he said awsome. i thought to my self amd i just a sex toy for him. Am that all i am to him. i started to get worried. i need soem boys to talk to so i went to zayn louis liam and harry. i ask them if a girl say i love and a boy said awnsome back what does that mean. They said well he miight just want something from u. they asked me if we had sex before, and i said yea and i remeber what he told eleanor that when he gets in my pants hell break up with me. The boys told me that they are here for me. They told that we all should go relax by the pool and that me and liam should act like were like each other .so that was that plan  today. By the pool: we all got dressed i wore my sexiest binkin for liam cuz were acting so yeah. me and liam was walking really close like the was no space between us. when we got to the pool liam told me to jump on his back and he ran and jump in the pool we all laughed except niall i got out and went sit and liam came sit with me u could tell niall was jeausly. so we keep the act on .so to get niall mad i kissed him and held his hand . after we swam we all went in side i didnt chagne and liam came sit by me so did niall he put his arm and aroung but i liad on liams chest. he felt soft..niall yanked me off of liam and punched liam, i was so mad . i told niall so when are u going to break up with me u got what. He said i was going to  break upp with u tonite before we went to bed. I ran to me room and liam follow me. . he came to check on and everything and after we went back down stais and i was going to sit where i was before but i saw niall there so i sat on liams lap and during the movie the boys and even niall keep their eyes on me and liam mostly because we were kissing which was akwarded for the both of us. im starting to feel somthing for him and then we went up stairs afte rniall did i thought he went in to his room so me and liam went in my but we were kissing while walkign at the sametime we didnt know that niall was in my room i quickly pulled away and niall told us...................

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