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Hi! As u all know im the am the daugther of the famous movie star and the world biggest music producer. My name is Allison Clement .My parents name are Brian and Lydia Clement . Im 16 years old. I love sports but i sing too but no one knows that but me let move on to this story .


4. are we dating or are we just friends

 Allison P.O.V  when we got out of the pool i tripped and i didnt know who it was i thought it was niall but i was wroung it was liam but when we fell our lips tounched. When we fell and our lips touched it felt magical it felt right and better than niall kisses. What am I am i thinking. Me and niall are meant to be together or is it my and liam that meant to be together? I'll talk to them both. Liam P.O.V  i really like allison but i think her and niall are dating ill talk to them both about it but i cant mention the kiss that would be wroung. Allison P.O.V when i change and went down stairs i noticed a note on the conter i said that my parents went out and that they are spending two days in a hotel room for somtime alone great. We was all down stair except for niall. i aske dthem and they said hes in ur room for some reason i ran up stair and he wasnt in there so i went check in the bathroom and the door closed i jump  and it was niall i laughed at him and so did he. We start to kissed and we made our way to the bed i wanted him so bad . he took off his shirt and reveled his abs we contuied kissing until the boys came in niall said  come on not again this always happen . He told th eboys to get out and leave us alone i was pretty sure he wanted me at that point .we wen back to kissing  and atthat point niall and my shirt was off and the boys came in again and the all stared at me like i was gold. and i said what yall never seen a without a shrit on . they all tryed moves o  me to get in my pants but i want somethign more than that i wanted niall to be my boyfriend we madeout before so whats the point all being friend then after i thought of that he asked me out and i said.........

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