i pick u

Hi! As u all know im the am the daugther of the famous movie star and the world biggest music producer. My name is Allison Clement .My parents name are Brian and Lydia Clement . Im 16 years old. I love sports but i sing too but no one knows that but me let move on to this story .


5. are u cheating on me

 Allison P.O.V When the boys left we deicide to watch a movie. In middle of the middle i fell a sleep in niall arms i felt safe in his arms i woke up ot niall talking on the phone i hear some of his convestion he was talking to a girl he told " i know i miss u too but just think we will be together tonite i just need to get in allison pants and then its over i will break up with  her and be with Eleanor i promise bye love. When he was coming up the stairs i ran in to my room and acted like i was still a sleep When he came in to the room he kiss my forhead and woke me up . i knew what to do i told him i want to take it slow. He said ok i kissed him on the cheek and told him i was goign swimming and he told now to come i told harry liam louis and zayn to come and i told them not to tell niall i really need to tell them about the convestion on the phone i need someone but i couldnt go to eleanor . i told harry zayn louis and liam we decided since i kissed liam before  we decided that me and liam will flirt infront of niall. when niall saw us in the pool he walked out . He walked out and asked why didnt we invited him and i ingonred him and   told liam harry zayn and louis i was going to change and niall said ill come with u. I told him no and blew a kiss to all the boys except niall he had a confuse look on his face and the rest of them got out and followed me after i got dresse and walk down stairs eleanor  and niall was talking on the couch i said hey to hair and sat on the other couch when  my phone rang it was liam he told the act it on he told me to come up and kinda what if niall catches us? he would kill u , he told me not to worried about that he wont find out. as i walked down Eleanor was gone and niall was down stairs watching tv .he told me to come sit by me and i said no then he came sit by me adn rubed my arm i told him dont touch me and liam came in he went and sat on the other couch i told liam to come with me to the kitchen to stat acting . when we started to act i talked loud and said wait until to night i we cant do that in here what if  niall walks in  and catches us ok ally ill wait until tonite  but opnce niall goes to sleep ur all mine ok liam ill be alls ur tonite after everyone goes to sleep see u tonite liam then i relizaed niall was in living listening to every to everything we said i ran up stairs to my room be he ran with me and he came in a locked the door he told me that he loved me and i told him the truth about i heard the convestion with eleanor and how he wanted to get in my pants and he said i sorry i used to dated eleanor and she wants me back i told him eleanor is engaged to  my best friend jacob and the they have a baby on the way. he was shocked he asked me if i was cheating on him and i said no but ...................

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