The Beast Inside You (Larry Stylinson au) COMING SOON

Harry Styles is loved by everybody. He's kind, sweet and a quite a looker. He lives with his mum and his friends in a small village, far way from everything. Nothing special, just a simple, normal life. He works at the bakery, but deeply inside him, a voice's telling him that he's meant for something bigger.

Louis Tomlinson isn't loved by anybody. He's horrifying. Why? Because, at night he turns into this .. Beast. Like the ones from your nightmares, with razor sharp teeth and claws, the one everybody fear and don't wanna come close to. Therefore he lives on an old castle just outside the village. Away from everybody. He doesn't want his secret to be discovered. Until he meets Harry.

What will happen when their worlds collide?

Will Harry be able to help the monster inside Louis?

Will Louis be able to let him inside his life?

And most of all:

What will happen if they fall in love?


2. Unus.



Hii guys, I'm baaaack. Sorry it took so long, been busy...

So here's the first chapter! :)

Ps. "Unus" means "one" in latin, if you were wondering... :P




*Ten years later*





That was all that caught my eyes.

I was in a pitch black room.

I couldn't see anything.

I took a step forward, and an echo could be heard. 




No response. I tried a bit louder.




Still nothing.




A cold shiver went down my spine, as I heard a growl behind me.

I gasped and turned around to face whatever it was.

I couldn't see a thing.


"Somebody there?" I asked as bravely as I could, trying to hide the fear.


Another growl.


I turned against the sound.

Again, nothing.

Then the growl came closer to me, like if it was just behind me.

I froze. I didn't turn. What if it attacked me?

I waited for the thing to make a move.

Surely, it did.


I felt something touching my leg.

Wait a second.. Was it.... Fur?

Another growl.

I couldn't control myself. My entire body started to shiver.


"W-what.... What a-are you?" I asked.

My body stopped to shiver as I felt  a hot breath on my neck.

I froze again, holding my breath. It was just behind me.

A small growl reached my ear.

Now, a terrible howl.

Just like...


Oh no.

I didn't dare to turn.



"Hi Harry."  the voice whispered in my ear.




I gasped as I sat up in my bed.


Another nightmare..


This one was exactly the same as last night. and the night before that. They were all the same. The voice, the darkness, even the fur.. Another shiver went down my spine. It all felt so.. real.

My hand traveled up to my neck, reassuring nothing had happen. I sighed and placed my hand on my forehead, wiping the sweat off. 

I looked at my alarm on my desk. 03.43 am. "God.." I mumbled.


I swept away my quilt, and got out of bed. I stumbled out in the kitchen, to grab myself something to drink. I need something cold. 



It was hard to find the light switch. When I finally found it, I grabbed a glass in the cupboard, walked to the sink, and let the ice cold water fill the glass. It was relieving.


Suddenly, I heard it again.


Exactly as my dreams.

The howl.


I dropped the glass on the floor, and hundreds of sharp pieces flew around on the floor. I didn't notice. I just stared at the window above the sink. 

Out on the road stood a huge beast. It was dark outside, but I managed to see something in the light of the lampposts.

It was covered by dark brown fur, completely black eyes and long teeth, dripping with.. blood?

I gasped, and took a step back. 


"Oh god.." I said breathlessly, and ran out the kitchen, unable to feel the sharp glass piercing my feet.

I ran into my room, jumped onto my bed, and curled myself into a ball. "Mom.. Somebody, please help me.." I sobbed. But my mom couldn't hear me. She was out town, and would come home tomorrow. 

I rocked myself back and forward. I didn't wanna fall asleep, I'd just get those nightmares again. 

I decided to stay awake all night. Though, I could still hear it.

The howls didn't stop. They just kept going and kept going.


Doesn't this have and end? I thought.







What do you think? I'm sure whether it's good or not..


But I hope you guys like it, I'll update as soon a I can :)

Like, comment & fan.


Love youuu




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