The Beast Inside You (Larry Stylinson au) COMING SOON

Harry Styles is loved by everybody. He's kind, sweet and a quite a looker. He lives with his mum and his friends in a small village, far way from everything. Nothing special, just a simple, normal life. He works at the bakery, but deeply inside him, a voice's telling him that he's meant for something bigger.

Louis Tomlinson isn't loved by anybody. He's horrifying. Why? Because, at night he turns into this .. Beast. Like the ones from your nightmares, with razor sharp teeth and claws, the one everybody fear and don't wanna come close to. Therefore he lives on an old castle just outside the village. Away from everybody. He doesn't want his secret to be discovered. Until he meets Harry.

What will happen when their worlds collide?

Will Harry be able to help the monster inside Louis?

Will Louis be able to let him inside his life?

And most of all:

What will happen if they fall in love?


1. Prologue.

The lighting ripped the night sky apart and the rain sounded like drums on my window.




Another thunder struck.

I crept further under my quilt and laid my pillow above my head, trying to keep out the sound of the thunder.

I laid still, listening.




It didn't matter. I couldn't keep the sound out.

Then, I heard it.  

That terrible sound, that was going to hunt me for the rest of my days. That sound, that filled my nightmares, night after night.

A loud, horrible howl filled my room.  

Somehow, it always reminded me of a wolf. But I knew it wasn't so. I've heard whispers in the streets. Whispers, about a monster so fierce, that if you met it, you couldn't even blink before it had ripped you apart. Whispers, about a beast..

I shook in fear.


"MUM!" I cried even louder.

The lights outside my room was on, and my mum stumbled to my door.

"Harry! God, you scared me." she said, as she came closer to me.

"What's wrong honey?" she sat beside me, wiping my tears away with her thumb.

I screamed and jumped up beside her as another lightning filled the room.




"Shh.." she said and pulled me into her chest.

"I.." I started. "I heard it, mum. I heard t-the howl..." the tears streamed down my face again.

"Shh, shh. Honey it's all right, don't worry," she rocked me from side to side.

"Don't worry.." she repeated silently.

Then again, I heard the howl. It almost felt like it was closer this time. I whimpered and held my arms tightly around her.

"Harry," she laid me down again, and pulled the quilt over me. "Go back to sleep-" 

I interrupted. "But mum, what if-"  

"Harry, it can't reach you here. You're save, don't worry." she kissed my forehead.  

"Good night honey." she said, walked out the door, and turned the lights off.

"Night mu-"




I squealed and hid under my quilt, wishing with all my heart that it would stop.

When I finally looked up from under the quilt, I heard the howl again. It was closer than ever this time. Like, if it was just outside my room.

I glanced over to the glass door in the back of my room and looked at the garden. As another lightning ripped the sky, I saw something standing in the rain. It looked like...




I gasped, as I saw it was a little boy standing just outside the glass door. He looked like my age, maybe a bit older. I jumped out of my bed and ran to the door to check. I hesitated when I was 4 feet from him. He was leaning onto the door, looking at me with the rain silently streaming down his face. I looked at him with a curious glare.

He didn't seem to notice the rain as I glared. His chestnut hair was flat down his forehead and his eyes were staring into mine, with a small smile on his lips.  

He was just standing in trousers, no shirt or anything.  

Maybe he froze.. Should I let him in? I thought. I walked closer to the door. He kept on standing there. I waved at him, getting a brighter smile in return.

Then he breathed at the glass, and a white steam spot appeared. He wrote something with his finger.


I smiled and did the same on my side of the door.

'Harry' I wrote.

He nodded and mouthed a 'Hi Harry'  

I smiled at him. 

He seems nice, maybe I should-..

Just as I was about to let him in, he turned his back to me, and walked a bit further out to the garden. He turned against me again, with a smirk like a devil in his face. 

A shiver went down my spine. What was wrong with Louis? Why was he so scary, and yet... fascinating..?

I gasped and almost fell on my bum as he raised his head up the night sky and made that terrible howl. The lighting didn't make it better. I tried to scream, but no sound left my mouth.




I held my ears and looked at Louis again. He smiled at me, and a pair of razor sharp teeth was revealed in his mouth. Tears started to stream down my red chins.

'What are you?' I mouthed. He didn't answer, he just waved and ran out of my garden again.

I sighed and backed away from the door. What the hell did just happen? I swept a curl behind my ear and got back in bed.




The thunder didn't scare me anymore. The only thought in my mind was Louis. Who was he?



This was the first night I dreamt of Louis. No, not a dream. A nightmare.

I didn't know he'd be so important later on. That he'd become such a big part of my life. Nor that he turn out to be.. a beast. And that I would fall in love with him.



What do you think?  I'll update it later on , just gonna finish my Niall fanfic first :)

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