The Beast Inside You (Larry Stylinson au) COMING SOON

Harry Styles is loved by everybody. He's kind, sweet and a quite a looker. He lives with his mum and his friends in a small village, far way from everything. Nothing special, just a simple, normal life. He works at the bakery, but deeply inside him, a voice's telling him that he's meant for something bigger.

Louis Tomlinson isn't loved by anybody. He's horrifying. Why? Because, at night he turns into this .. Beast. Like the ones from your nightmares, with razor sharp teeth and claws, the one everybody fear and don't wanna come close to. Therefore he lives on an old castle just outside the village. Away from everybody. He doesn't want his secret to be discovered. Until he meets Harry.

What will happen when their worlds collide?

Will Harry be able to help the monster inside Louis?

Will Louis be able to let him inside his life?

And most of all:

What will happen if they fall in love?


3. *IMPORTANT* Sorry, not an update, please read.



Hi everyone..


First of all, I'm so sorry for not updating. Everything is just to much at the moment, and honestly, I'm not feeling that well... So if I'm not updating, you know why. 

Btw, I would go crazy too, if a story didn't get updated fast, so I know how you're feeling. I promise I'll be better to update faster!


Second, I really appreciate that you guys love the story. It was just a random thought I got, and all those views and comments mean the world to me. It's not much, but to me, it is. Thank you <3


A last thing: 

I need your help. 

I've decided to have another bromance involved here, but I can't write further in the story if I don't know which bromance I'm working with. Sooo I think you should help me decide, yay! 

The choice is between Ziall and Niam ,so please comment what you think. I'm gonna count them all, and the bromance with most comments win. BUT if you're some hardcore Ziall shipper, you can't comment Ziall 20 times. Only 1 Ziall/Niam comment for each person!

 I should set a deadline, but idk when it should be .. :/

7 days from now? Or do you need more? Or less?


I guess it was it... Again, I'm really sorry for being a slow updater, I hate it.


I. Love. You. So. Much.


Thank you <3


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