My Brother's Best Friend

Every girl has a perfect guy in mind. Her’s just happens to be her brother’s best friend.

Have you ever loved two boys at once, and they loved you back?

Melanie Andrews has a crazy life. She’s fatherless, her mom is never home, and her brother won’t even look in her direction.

Melanie has also been in love with her brother’s best friend, Ethan, for two years now.

Lately, Ethan has shown a liking towards Melanie, and she’s thrilled. However, everything seems to be getting in the way—her brother Jacob, Alex, and then comes Tyler.

While at summer camp, Melanie meets Tyler. They instantly click, and Melanie knows she’s growing some feelings for him.

But then things get more twisted when she realizes she loves two boys, and they love her back.

Who will she pick, when her feelings for them are strong, intense, and so real?


4. The Surprise


I had finally managed to drag the whole story out of my chapped lips. I told Poppy everything. From eavesdropping on my brother and Ethan, to talking with Ethan earlier that day. I was still entirely confused about the situation. I was wondering why Ethan told Jacob he liked me, but then told me he liked Alex. 

Poppy was a great listener. Occasionally adding in a remark such as "Really?!" or "That's awesome!" As the story neared the end, her comments got gloomy. I had tried my best to keep calm, or to at least stop from crying. 

Ethan has been my main focus for two years. I couldn't just suddenly give up at the sight of another girl, could I? Ethan has had other relationships before, never lasting more than one month. Now, why a sudden interest in me and Alex?

"That sucks. But, on the bright side I received our forms today. Want to fill them out?" Poppy said, trying to lighten the mood. I nodded, and she held me the jumble of papers.

I filled out the form, answering questions. They were basic ones such as my name, birth date, and age. Then, there were the miscellaneous ones, such as my personality type, hair color, eye color, etc.

"Done?" I asked Poppy as I scribbled my signature at the bottom. I shove the forms into the envelope, and hand them to Poppy.

"Let's go somewhere," she says. I scrunch my forehead together.

"Where?" I ask her. 

"Some where," she says. She hops up off my bed, and takes my hand. Yanking me from my room, she drags me down the steep steps on my house. "Bye Miss Andrews!" she calls to my mother as she walks out the door.

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