My Brother's Best Friend

Every girl has a perfect guy in mind. Her’s just happens to be her brother’s best friend.

Have you ever loved two boys at once, and they loved you back?

Melanie Andrews has a crazy life. She’s fatherless, her mom is never home, and her brother won’t even look in her direction.

Melanie has also been in love with her brother’s best friend, Ethan, for two years now.

Lately, Ethan has shown a liking towards Melanie, and she’s thrilled. However, everything seems to be getting in the way—her brother Jacob, Alex, and then comes Tyler.

While at summer camp, Melanie meets Tyler. They instantly click, and Melanie knows she’s growing some feelings for him.

But then things get more twisted when she realizes she loves two boys, and they love her back.

Who will she pick, when her feelings for them are strong, intense, and so real?


7. Chapter Seven


Before slipping out of Ethan's house that night, I made sure to silently place the camp papers on his nightstand. I don't even know if he filled them out. Since then, I have been in my room the entire time. I barely spoke to anyone, even Poppy. 

But, today was camp day, and that meant I had to get out of bed, or Poppy would force me. 

"Done!" I yelled, high-fiving Poppy as I zipped up my suitcase. It was the month of July, and we were going to be at camp for two weeks.  Hopefully Ethan _wasn't there._

"Alright, I'll drive! It's only thirty minutes away. Let's go tell your mom bye then we'll leave," Poppy says. She grabs her suitcase, as well as mine, and heads out my room and down the stairs, We make out way over to my mom and brother.

"Guys, I'm leaving!" I say, hugging my mom, then my brother.

"Bye, Melanie! No funny business!" my mothers says before smirking. I laugh and lock eyes with my brother before I walk out of the door. 

"Here we are!" Poppy shrieks as she pulls onto the gravel parking lot of the camp. A wooden sign that read *Camp Teen* hung above this big building. To the left there were rows and rows of cabins. To the right were other buildings.

"Where do we go?" I ask as we both slam the doors of Poppy's car. 

"Er..that big building," she says, pointing to the one with the sign. We start to walk up to it and notice that there were barely any people outside. 

We open the door to the building and see that there are hundreds of people sitting in this enormous room. I give Poppy a shocked look.

"Please sit down," a lady says to us, signaling us to the last two empty seats.  Poppy and I sit down and turn our attention to the man at the microphone.

"Welcome to Camp Teen!" he says. Everyone claps. "As you know, this is our ninth year here. At CT, we believe in teaching teens responsibility. So, we pair each camper with an opposite sex partner, and trust them to stay in the same cabin, with no funny business!" he says. I am so excited.

"Now, we have about two hundred campers here this year! And we have one hundred cabins!. A perfect match. Who wants to know who there partner is? Remember, you must stay with your partner the entire two weeks!" Every applauds. They are probably going in alphabetical order, and I'll probably be first.

"Melanie Andrews, raise your hand?" the man says. I raise my hand and blush slightly. "Your partner is....Tyler Wells! Tyler stand up! You will be staying in cabin one," I gave a wave to Tyler. He had had sandy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. He winked then sat down.

I mostly tuned out the rest of the time, but where Poppy's name was called, my ears perked up. 

"Poppy Jones! Stand up! Your partner is... Blake Sanders. Blake! Say hi!" Blake (who had jet black hair and a Justin Bieber hair cut) stood up, and Poppy turned red. That means she likes him. _Poppy never likes anybody._
Dozing in and out of it, I wish I hadn't heard the last name called. Because, I was so shocked when I heard it, my eyes lifted up to the man, and Poppy smacked my arm. 

"Alex Larson! Stand up, please. Your partner is...Ethan Walker,"  the man said. What!? I looked immediately at Alex, who had her eyes pinned on me. She gave me an evil smirk. Poppy hit my arm.

_What?_ I mouthed. She tilted her head behind her. I followed in that direction, and saw Ethan looking at me with a sorrowful glance.

 Why is he here? And more importantly, why is she here?







As I was walking to Cabin One, I was replaying the earlier event in my head. Ethan _did_ come, but Alex did too. One explanation. Alex must have seen the forms I left on Ethan's nightstand and made a copy for herself.

At least, that's the only thing I could come up with. 

I crushed the grass as I walked, my eyes pinned on my feet. I was nervous about meeting Tyler. He was cute, but I still wanted Ethan.

I slammed into something and tumbled to the ground. "Whoa, didn't see you there. Hey, aren't you Melanie? We're partners," I look  up to find Tyler.He pulls me up. He's squinting form the sun, but he still looks cute. 

"Melanie," I say, shaking his hand. I let go and notice I am at our cabin. 

"After you," Tyler says. I smirk and walk up the steps and through the door. To the right is a set of bunk beds, and two chest of drawers. To the left, is a couch and chair. The cabin was small.

"If you have to use the bathroom, you have to go to that building," Tyler says, pointing out the window and to a small building at the bottom of a hill. "And, we can only shower every two days." I look at him and smile. 

I walk over to the bunks and put my bag on the top. "I get the top," I tell him. 

"Come here," he curls his lips upwards, "I want to talk."

"About what?" I giggle and follow him to the couch.

"About you. And me. We're going to be here for a while with each other, so we might as well learn about each other," Tyler says.

I nod in agreement. "I'll start. Well, I was born on September 24th. I was raised here. I live with my mom and my brother, who's seventeen. My dad left when I was eleven. My best friend, Poppy, is here at camp, plus my enemy, and my sort of ex boyfriend, what about you?" I tell him.

Tyler clears his throat, "I was born in Maine, but moved here when I was seven. I live with my mom and dad. Only child. My birthday is January 4th, and my step-sister is here at camp too," he smiles.

"Mel?" I turn my head to find Ethan in the doorway. "Can we talk?" Oh no.






"Sure," I whispered. I gave Tyler a sorrowful look before following Ethan out onto the porch. He sat on a small bench, and I sat beside him. 

"What do you want, Ethan?" I whispered. I was still mad at him. I didn't even know why. He didn't do anything wrong..

"I just want to apologize for what happened at my house. I didn't know Alex was going to show up. I didn't even want her there. When I woke up without you in my room, I felt...broken. I'm sorry Mel," he says. He tilts my chin up to face his. 

"Okay. I forgive you. What about us?" I ask. I lock eyes with his. He laces our fingers together.

"Melanie. There is no us," he whispers. My heart shatters then and there. I can feel tears brimming my eyes.

"You kissed me. Three times," I tell him.

"I'm sorry for leading you on. someone else," he said. I bring my hand back hard. I was mad.

"Let me guess. Alex, right?" I whisper, still in shock.

"Yes, Alex. I'm sorry, Mel."

He gets up, nods his head and walks down the steps and down to his cabin.

I run into the cabin, ignoring Tyler's voice, and hop on my bunk. I let my pillow soak up my tears as I cry. 



That evening, I had barely managed to stop crying. Ethan had broken my heart, and left me for Alex. I was broken.

Sadly, tonight was opening night camp fire and we are all required to attend. I had managed to scrub off the makeup off my face. I slipped on some jean shorts and a tee shirt, putting a hoodie on over it.

"Ready to go, Mel?" I heard Tyler call from behind me. I let my brown/red hair fall on my shoulders.

"Coming," I manage to say. I was dreading seeing Ethan and Alex. Even Poppy. I was embarrassed I had fallen for Ethan's tricks.

I walk over to Tyler and grab his hand, surprising him. Surprising _me_, even. Why did I grab his hand? I quickly pull away. 

"it's alright, Mel," Tyler's soothing voice rings in my ears. I smile. He pulls me out the door as we walk towards the camp fire.

We arrive and the camp fire five minutes later. Actually, there are ten camp fires going, about twenty kids at each one. Poppy, Ethan, and Alex are all at one together, so I steer Tyler away from them.

He walks over to one, and pulls me in his lap because there was no other room. I smile, feeling my sadness lifting off my shoulders. 

I lean back against his shoulder. 

"Attention, campers!" We turn our attention toward that man from earlier. Tho, he is standing really close I can make out his name tag. His name is Josh. "I hope you like your cabins! Now, we want to play a little game tonight. We are passing around microphones and we want you guys to each stand up and tell us one unique thing about you. We are going in alphabetical order, so Melanie Andrews is first." Josh finishes.

I reach over and grab a microphone someone is handing to me. "Hi, my name is Melanie. And, one interesting fact about me is," I look straight at Ethan, "I used to like my brother's best friend. But, he broke my heart, and now I hate his guts," I smile and hand the microphone back to Josh. I sat next to Tyler this time. 

I only listened to four other people talk. Poppy, Alex, Ethan, and Tyler.

When Josh called Poppy's name, she stood up and smiled. "Hey, I'm Poppy. And interesting fact, my best friend is here tonight, her name is Melanie. And this guy is a freaking jerk for breaking her heart," she smirks as she points at Ethan then sit down.

Alex was a little later. "What's up? I'm Alex. Unique fact: I get anything and everything I want," she said, short and simple. She sits back down, chomping on her gum.

Ethan was right before Tyler. "My name is Ethan, and I love this girl right here," he points towards Alex and I gasp. Poppy gives me a look, and Tyler wraps his arms around me. I knew he liked her, but  love?

Tyler was right afterwards. "I'm Tyler. And, I cannot believe anyone could hurt this girl, she is smart, funny, and kind. She is ridiculously hot, and I think I like her a lot. More than Ethan ever could," Tyler says. He points at me.

My eyes grown wide and I fall back to the ground, fainting.




Darkness. That's all I see. Black seeping in through the cracks of my mind, smothering me. My vision is gone. I try to open my eyes, but they won't budge. Am I dead?

"How is she?" I hear a voice say. It's Ethan. He's here for me? A door closes and I hear someone walk across the room and sit down on a seat.

"She's asleep. Don't touch her," a musky voice says sharply. It was Tyler.  He's here, too? Someone grabs my hand. 

"I can if I want too," Ethan snaps. Someone grabs my other hand. 

"No, you can't. I heard you guys talking. You kissed her three times, acted like you wanted her, then left her for some selfish chick! You hurt her!" Tyler yelled. 

"Calm down! I didn't want to hurt her," Ethan calmly says.

"Then why did you do it?" Tyler asked, lowering his voice.

"I..I can't tell you," Ethan whispers. Someone lets go of my left hand. One of them walks and sits down.

"Why?" Tyler says.

"Because. No one can know," Ethan replies.

"Alright, I respect that. Just, stay away from her, okay? Don't hurt her again. If you do, I'll be the one by her side while she cries. Like earlier today," Tyler tells Ethan. 

"She was crying?" Ethan asks. 

"Yeah, she was. Thanks to you," Tyler snaps. Someone roughly grabs my hand again. 

"Do you like her?" Ethan questions. 

'Yeah, a lot. I would ask you, but obviously you don't," Tyler replies.

"I love her," Ethan whispers. 

"No you don't. Because I love her, not you," Tyler says

"We can both love her," Ethan says

"But we can't both have her," Tyler says softly.

"She has to  choose," Ethan said. 

"But you love Alex," Tyler says. 

"I love her, too," Ethan answers. 

"You have to pick," Tyler snaps. 

"Alright. I choose....."



I fluttered my eyes open. I was in this hospital like room. I was alone. There was a window, and I could see cabins through it. There was a little couch off to the side, though no one was there.

I squinted my eyes shut tight, and sighed. When I was 'asleep' the boys were in here, and when I'm awake, they're not.

"Mel?" I here a hush whisper. I open my eyes and turn my head towards the door. 

"Ethan? Where's Tyler?" I ask. He looks taken aback by my mention of Tyler's name.

"He's coming. I'm glad your awake," he says. He walks over and sits beside me. He grabs my hand and presses his lips on my fingers.

"Don't touch me," I snap, yanking my hand away. 

"What's wrong, Mel? Did I do something wrong?" he asked, furrowing his eyebrows. 

"Are you serious? You kissed me three times, broke up with me, then announced in front of everyone you loved Alex. What do you mean what's wrong?" I spat. I rolled my eyes in disgust. 

"Mel, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. I don't..." He trailed off at the sight of Tyler entering the room.

"Tyler!" I said, a smile emerging on my face. He smirked before sitting next to Ethan and grabbing my hand. 

"How are you?" Tyler asks.

"Fine, where were you?" I reply.

"He was talking with Alex," Ethan says roughly. I turn my attention back to Tyler.

"I was. I owed her something. I took care of it," Tyler says softly. Ethan rolls his eyes. I press my lips together.

"Okay..." I whisper. What did Tyler owe Alex?

"Just tell her!" Ethan yells at Tyler. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. 

"She doesn't need to know!" Tyler snapped. He squeezed my hand, and I calmly took a deep breath, bracing myself for what was about to come next.

"Yes she does. Because your secret involves her, me, you, and Alex! She's going to find out! If not from you, then from Alex herself!" Ethan spat. 

"Tell me," I hissed, locking eyes with Tyler. I let go of his hand.

"Alex is... my step-sister," Tyler whispers.

"What!?" I shriek, shutting my eyes, trying to make everything disappear.




"Alex is my step-sister," Tyler repeated. I pierced his eyes with a sharp glare. He wiggled nervously in his seat, and I saw Ethan smirk out of the corner of my eye.

I took a few deep breaths, "I'm okay," I whispered.

"You are?" Tyler sighed with relief. I looked at Ethan.

"Yes, I am," I said. "Ethan, what were you saying earlier? Before Tyler came in?" I asked with curiosity.  I had secretly forgiven him earlier while Tyler was telling me his 'secret.'

"Oh, uh, nothing. It can wait until tonight," he muttered. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Melanie! I see your awake!" I turn my head towards the sound of the voice and see a female doctor enter the room. "I'm Dr. Martin. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, really," I tell her. Dr. Martin smiles.

"Good! You are allowed to go back to camp. You only missed on morning, but you should get caught up with all the changed they've been doing!" She says before she leaves the room.

                                          *                           *                         *

"Changes?" I asked Ethan. Tyler was off somewhere, so I was with Ethan. I was preparing for Alex to emerge any minute, so I had to talk to him as much as I could. We continued to walk towards my cabin, which was far away.

"Oh, um, Josh is going to pair the groups up. So, another group is going to move in with you," he smiles at me. I bite my lip, wondering if I should smile back.  He loves Alex.  I told myself

"Who did I get?" I ask. 

"Me and Alex," Ethan mutters. Great, just what I need. Alex.

"Are you serious?" I ask, rolling my eyes. I take a deep breath, thinking of how horrible this experience is gong to be. 

"Yes, I am. She won't mess with you. Tyler and I will protect you," he says, reaching over and pinching my side. I let out a loud giggle. 

"We're here," I announce as we reach cabin one. I run up the steps and wait for Ethan at the top. 

I walk in and see an extra bunk added. I run over to my bunk and see my stuff isn't there anymore. Instead I see a sparkly pink suitcase with the later 'A' sewn onto it. Alex.

"Alex!" I yell. She saunters over from the other side of the room. "Where's my stuff?" I ask, raising my eyebrow. 

"On Ethan's bunk," she points a red fingernail towards the new bunk.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because, didn't you here, Ethan's in love with you," she says, nonchalantly.

"WHAT!?" I shriek. "He loves you. And besides, I don't like him, I like Tyler." I was almost over Ethan.

"Well, Tyler doesn't like you," she hisses.  

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