Change of Heart (Justin Bieber love story)

When singer and bad boy Justin Bieber notices that the girl he bullies tries to commit suicide after all of his harsh comments and physical bullying. Something happens which changes him completely. Like a 'Change of Heart.'


1. Alone

Scarlet's POV



Worst place you want to know why? I take this as a yes, because if I didn't tell you it would be a really boring story to tell, wouldn't it? For a starters I get bullied by everyone, even the nerds take a piece of me! Some days I get verbal bullying when they call me names like "hey fat slut, why isn't a cheese-burger in your hand right now?" or even they say things like "why don't you just go and hang yourself, we'd rather have you dead" and "your mom and dad don't even love you!" That one always gets me so hard as my mom died last year. Its been a tough year she was my everything. Now its just me and my dad, but my dad is better than no one. As I said other times I get physical bullying, this is where my bully comes into the picture. His name is Justin Drew Bieber. Yeah you might know him, you know "baby, baby, baby" yeah well don't let his sweetness overcome your senses, he's the school's bully, player and most popular guy in school. So yeah. Justin does the most damage to me... his punches and kicks and slaps really hurt I always come home bruises everywhere and when my dad ask's what happened, I always have to make up an excuse such as "oh I fell on the way home" or "I walked into a tree" and trust me as my dad is all I have now it kills me to lie to him.

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