Kiss You

The story is about a 17 year old girl called Chloe that loves Niall Horan.She is deeply in love so she decided to go to the one direction concert and goes backstage.What will happen next?Better read it to know!


3. Dream Chloe"s p.o.u


After they had a talk about all that cuddling they both went to the shop.Then Niall said that he will go to another shop and he'l be back.Niall went to a girl shop and Chloe went to a boy shop and when they came back they both said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!all in the same time.They haned their presents to each other and Niall said"I have another present and the present is"and then he kissed her on the lips.                                                                                                                                         Chloe.........Chloe. Then Chloe woke up and asced what happend."We changed our mind and we are not going to England."Her mother said.Then Chloe realised that it was just a dream."Mam if we are not going to England can we go to the concert tomorow? Chloe asked.Her mother agread.The next day at the concert Niall was ceep on looking at Chloe as he really new who she was but didn't know who.


Then she went back stage and somebody covered her eyes."Hi Chloe."said Niall.He started leaning up to Chloe and KISS. They had a happy day and had a sleepocer in Chloe's house.I love you Niall said to Chloe.







Letter from the author


I am really sorry that the chapter is so short but I have to think of more.



Remmember to write comments.Thanku.











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