Kiss You

The story is about a 17 year old girl called Chloe that loves Niall Horan.She is deeply in love so she decided to go to the one direction concert and goes backstage.What will happen next?Better read it to know!


2. Best Day Ever Niall's p.o.u

?Niall was so excited that Chloe was aloud to come but he didn't know was Chloe aloud to live with him.Niall loved Chloe aswell. He couldn't stop thinking about her.He always said that her eyes are like diamondz......her hair is so long like her fantastic eyelashes.''Niall said.''what if something happened to her!Liam said.Liam was just trying to scare Niall and see is he going to wet his pants.''HAHAHA.....if u saw your face it was so heleius!!!!the boys said.Niall's face was so funny that Liam nearlly weted his pants not Niall.Liam always tried to see Niall wet his pants but each time he nearly wets his pants."Why do you always do this to me why can't you do it to Zayn or Harry"Niall said.Niall was so angry that his face was so red like a tomato.Then a tear fell down his face."What happend Niall?said Louis "What if something really happend to her and I won't see her again.Niall said.Then thosands of tears fell down his face like a water fall."Don't worry maybe its ok I think she is already in england ok."said Zayn."Ok."said Niall.



            Chloe's        p.o.v


 "Wow"said Chloe with a wow face on."Ok I know you want to live with Niall but do you really want to?her dad said."I do and I won't change my mind.Chloe said.Then she rang Niall to check where he lives.When she arived at Niall's house her dad had a little talk to Niall about his humor and not to make jokes about Chloe.Then she packed out and Niall hellped her.Then she had to sleep on the ground but Niall said she can sleep with him in his bed and she agreed.But all night Niall was cuddling her all night.



 "Niall you cuddled me all night."said Chloe."I don't know."said Niall.Then they spent the whole day talking and giglling.Then Niall and the boys left her because he was singing a concert.While Niall was singing she made popcorn and watched a horror movie.Then Niall came back Chloe was already aasleep.Then Niall said that she lookes cute when she sleeps and went to sleep again

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