In The Sky {Chapter Three}-1

For the Branching Competition. This is what I wrote for Chapter three. I used (1) helllohihi novel to continue for my story.


1. ThunderClouds

Izalla ran out of the train station, tears forming in her eyes. He had forgotten about her. 

He forgot me.

She ran till her legs ached in pain, and then stopped. She looked behind, but the security guard was nowhere to be seen. Instead of smiling, Izalla frowned sadly. How had her father could have forgotten her. She needed to see her father. The rain poured down heavily on her. Izalla tightened her coat around her, her purple bag in her arm. Izalla looked up, the strange looking cloud stayed above her head, forming another strange symbol. Izalla tried to remember, where she had seen the symbol, but she couldn't remember. 

She stared at the cloud curiously. Izalla was so quiet, the quietest girl in school, no one talked to her, and she talked to no one. No one knew her mother had died, the cancer had taken over her mother's life, leaving Izalla all alone. She remembered the past few months; her mother had just lay on the bed, always sleeping, her hair falling on the bed. Her once healthy mother was gone. She fumbled with the pretty necklace around the neck. She missed her mother so much, Izalla swallowed sadly. She needed to talk to her father; she wanted him to hug her, to tell her that he loved her.

Except, he had never loved her.

It could not be true, could it? Of course not. He had loved her. Her father had loved her very much.

Then why did he forget you?

She fought back tears that formed in her eye, wondering if her father really loved her. If her father really loved her, he would have not forgotten her, he would have been there for her, not leave her alone, standing in the cold. A cold gust of wind blew heavily at her. She shivered in the cold, her hands rubbing against each other. She felt like a fool, standing all alone in London. She knew no one that lived here. She walked down the street, lumbering with her bag. She stopped when she saw a chicken shop. She read the name "Sally's Chicken".

She leant her head on the mirror, breathing deeply. Making a fog in the mirror. Izalla rubbed the mirror, and then stared at the people inside with envy, eating their hot delicious food. Izalla licked her lips hungrily, her stomach rumbling with hunger. She was so hungry, because she thought her dad would pick her up, she had brought no money. Her green eyes roamed around the restaurant, tears trickling down her face.

She felt like such a fool.

"Izalla!" a familiar strange mysterious voice exclaimed loudly.

Izalla turned around, hoping to see her loving father. She would give him a big hug, and then be upset, then her father would apologize to her for coming late, saying it was traffic, and that he loved her very much, that she was her father’s princess, then whisk her to her home. But none of that was going to happen as Izalla lay her eyes upon what was in front her , she stood there- frozen and trembling with fear.

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