love story

Hi, im lola eighteen and continuosly abused by my father, my mother died last year of cancer. anyway, i ran away until i got hit... i woke up and 5 faces were staring at me, mens faces, i screamed and ran to the edge of the bed cowering... until one certain boy cathes my eye....


4. WHAT?!


LOLAS POV carried on

I turned around looking at him, "what did you say?!" i screamed "I hate you!! i dont want you interfearing with my life styles!!!!" this is it i have had enough im gonna do it.

"please stop lola is not worth it!! i turned around, face-to-face with harry styles from one direction."why isnt it worth it styles??your too good for me and even you know that,  everyone here knows that!" i started crying more. He picked up my chin and pulled it close to his face and said " your everything to me.. when you got hit i ran over to you. to see if you where ok. we bought you back here the doc said youll be ok i was happy, but when you woke up and screamed at our faces i was torn.. i thought youd be the one but you hated me.." i pulled closer to him then i saw niall come by and harry pulled me into a kissed.


 I loved her!!! not harry!! thats not fair!! i ran into my bedroom crying, louis came in i told him to get lost and not come back in. HARRY IS GOING TO REGRET THIS

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