love story

Hi, im lola eighteen and continuosly abused by my father, my mother died last year of cancer. anyway, i ran away until i got hit... i woke up and 5 faces were staring at me, mens faces, i screamed and ran to the edge of the bed cowering... until one certain boy cathes my eye....


8. the hunt



 "Liam help me find her....i have to find her no matter what happens" i said quietly." ummm ok but harry if we cant find her within an hour, we'll count as gone forever..".

 Great i have to find the girl i love within an hour.. Or maybe less...

 "we will take my range rove its alot faster than your benz" i loved driving and taking the benz is not worth it.

 " ok but when the hours up, you take me straight home...Got it?" "got it now lets go find lola!".

 We drove everywhere, thats when i saw her in a dark alleway.. getting beaten by a bunch of men. "get away from her now you physcopaths!!" i yelled down the alley and steeped out of my car. " oh yeah and what are you gonna do about it pretty boy?" one of the men had a deep thick british accent " well for your information that is my girlfriend and if you dont mind i have come to get her..away from you dicks!" i picked lola up bridal style and carried her to my car. "harry dont do this.. your too good for me and you know that i know that!" she started crying her heart out all because of me. i feel so bad..


 I ran from the house as fast as i could then i came to this dark alley. 'ill be here for life i guess' the thought of that gave me shivers. "hey pretty girl" i heard someone whisper from behind me. "me?" i answered back "yes you do you remember me?" "no, no i dont?" i got confused "well i'll give you a clue.." out from the alley was my ex, ethan..

He hit me hard to the ground i started crying then he was hitting me smacking me then cutting me. then harry came along.. my hero.. why did i run?? i would be bruised if i didnt leave. "take me to nialls house!" i demanded "sure thing anything for you lola" hary whispered. 


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