love story

Hi, im lola eighteen and continuosly abused by my father, my mother died last year of cancer. anyway, i ran away until i got hit... i woke up and 5 faces were staring at me, mens faces, i screamed and ran to the edge of the bed cowering... until one certain boy cathes my eye....


1. the escape


yes! my father was out drinking instead of abusing me, i pack a bag of clothes deodrant and possesions before leaving, i was gonna run, leg it to wherever i could go, i hated men, every man deserves to die in my world..

I get to the door and run shutting the door behind me, i was out of breath then i saw i was at a dual carrigeway, the place i love being (sarcastic) i wait for the cars to pass them run. But as i looked there was a car i froze in mid-step and i blacked out. I heard sirens and beeping, shouting, monitors...

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